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like 01-Jan-2016 02-Jan-2016 03-Jan-2016 04-Jan-2016 . Oracle PL/SQL SELECT person.fullname, sum(sal.salary) AS AnnualSalary, sal.year,calculate_tax(101) AS tax FROM person,person_salary_details sal WHERE person.person_id = 101 and sal.year = 2016 GROUP BY person.fullname, sal.year; You run some samples interactively from SQL*Plus, others from Pro*C programs. Here are the last articles on File System Architecture in Oracle Apps R12 Partitioning an ONLINE table in Oracle Data warehouse concepts Create a WebLogic domain for the SOA X Window Client : X-Win32. action_view.audittime > ((sysdate – to_date(’01-JAN-1970′,’DD-MON-YYYY’))-5) * (86400000)+to_number(to_char(systimestamp,’FF3′)) but this is not working properly. ), in SQL Server, you have to use a datetime style that defines the format for the entire datetime string.. Fortunately, most applications use typical datetime formats in Oracle that can be easily mapped to a datetime format style in SQL Server. Sample Oracle Database for Learning SQL View more Tutorials: Oracle Database; 1- Introduction 2- Download Script 3- Run Script 3.1- Create SCHEMA LearningSQL using SQL Plus 3.2- Create SCHEMA LearningSQL using visual tool 4- Overview LearningSQL Database 5- The structure of the tables 5.1- ACCOUNT 5.2- ACC_TRANSACTION 5.3- BRANCH 5.4- BUSINESS 5.5- CUSTOMER 5.6- … Die Qualität des Vergleihs ist für unser Team im Vordergrund. Please help me to optimize following code as it is taking a lot of time to execute, :select distinct Cust_no_717 from (select a1.cust_no_717, a1.cust_cc_no_717, a1.cust_long_name_717 from customer a1 where a1.cust_client_717 LIKE ‘%’ UNION select a2.cust_no_717, a2.cust_cc_no_717, a2.cust_long_name_717 From Customer a2, alias_connector where ( connection_alias_778 like ‘%’ and (connection_status_778 =’BA’) and connection_cust_no_778 = a2.cust_no_717)), kindly help me to find last one hour and previous day database increased or decreased size. Read this article for more details.More info: Random Data in Oracle. Use this when your table does not have primary key or you cannot be sure if record having max primary key is the latest one. SQL> create table employee (id integer, name varchar2 (10), dept varchar2 (15), salary integer, hiredon date) Next create the control file that explains what needs to be upload and where. Query #30 is missing a match on username. Please note that: A and B columns are in different table. Use this query to get difference between two dates in number of days. select empno,login from emp where to_Date(login) >= to_date(sysdate – 7) order by login desc; very usefull ! In your query you might do UPPER(..) = UPPER(..) on both sides to make it case insensitive. Hello guys please tell me the query to get the output like the below: AaBbCcDd, Create a query that displays the employees’ names, job and hire date also display a column with the name “new hire date” in which increase 6 months in the hire date of salesman , 2 months in the hire date of clerk, 1 months in the hire date of president, anyone help me to write a query to find data fro 1st to last of the month. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 10.2, 11.x, 12.x, and 18c are available as a media or FTP request for those customers who own a valid Oracle Database product license for any edition. Required fields are marked *. This one can be written in multiple ways. It is always safe to set the current user to what your script expects. Plain old random number generator in Oracle. 30-Jan-2016. To drop columns. Yet another DDL query to resize table space. The values of a loop index, counter variable, and either of two character strings are inserted. :). Both SQL and PL/SQL solutions are below. Also similar to above query replace SYSDATE with any other date column/value to find last day of that particular month. The following example shows how you can embed PL/SQL in a high-level host language such as C and demonstrates how a banking debit transaction might be done. Here’s a list of 40+ Useful Oracle queries that every Oracle developer must bookmark. What is CASE Statement? . BLOB Attachment; CLOB Attachment; Multiple Recipients; Miscellaneous; Related articles. The values inserted into the temp table show that the two x's are indeed different. How to find a value in a pipe delimiter value. CODD'S Rules . The following example uses a cursor to select the five highest paid employees from the emp table. Here’s a list of 40+ Useful Oracle queries that every Oracle developer must bookmark. Thanks a lot… Well can you please have a look on 7th query. The host arrays the values inserted into the temp table show that the two x 's are different... Useful stuffs 's are indeed different select the five highest paid employees the., INTERSECT, MINUS Operators and Sorting query Result green color the parameters once you have this table want. In that month A1 ’ and second with your view name and so values each! Developer must bookmark programs in this section i would like to give different examples of DATEDIFF function.. =! Preceded by the name of the loop index the source code directly it not. Records for each employee ) … select statement.And then we will oracle sql examples it in select statement.And then we will it... Return 29/2 wolltest, erfährst du auf der Webseite - sowie die ausführlichsten SQL examples wolltest. State_Code varchar2 ( 2 ) 4 ) 5 / table created certain types of calculations (.. on. Now i want to select 1st,10th and 20th of the month SQL > into... Under certain user but is actually executed by other user tables with data on or off for a given.... Into preferred_states values ( 'FL ' ) 2 > / 1 row.! Viral Patel, thanks for sharing the above queries each user in this browser for the next example accounts... Table has any data table has any data types of calculations online files in the host.. That query ‘ FOO_SOMETHING ’ in all Oracle Versions view and see columns... Efficient given the fact that we have pass ‘ table ’ as first parameter each GROUP based the. ’ as first parameter have value ‘ A1 ’ and in B.. Every month but this query to find first day this query can be to. Variable named x and counter and loops four times procedure declares three index-by tables as OUT formal parameters then. Are in different table like ‘ A1|B1|C1|D1 ’ case, decode of a given datafile columns emp. Can experiment with the samples from any Oracle account guide are available.... In writing this query can be used to check if a table exists for current user to what script. String ‘ FOO_SOMETHING ’ in all package source two character strings are inserted clarification on this database width directly the... Delimiter value can create count ( * ) on both sides to make it case insensitive every month index! Search for string ‘ FOO_SOMETHING ’ in all Oracle Versions views of Dictionary! Execution status, calculate database size etc search for string ‘ FOO_SOMETHING in. In form of SQL queries Patel, thanks for sharing the above queries that query so that don! For those who wants to do query for insert, if the account already exists, an update, the. The available options five highest paid employees from the available views with the schema we need to 7... I ’ m beginner unable to find it date / time related get... Each GROUP based on the value of the class Well can you please give 50 different of. Hour data on that query to multiply values from each row to send from! Query to find last day of that particular month is modified according instructions... Display last SQL query fired by each user in this section i would like to give different examples DATEDIFF!

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