Systematically Improve Health Plan Member Customer Engagement With New Products

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A major sweet spot for companies today — to both shave costs and increase customer engagement — is to externalize internal enterprise workflows via combination of cloud-based social and mobile workflow tech. When I speak of customers, I’m not just speaking of insured (potential) patients. I include providers, employers, and brokers, and even other stakeholders such as health plan employees and fraud, waste, and abuse investigator. In fact, the entire of notion of customer-facing, self-service portals will expand, eventually, to include everyone who is a customer, which is everyone, even internal health plan customers.

By “portal”, I don’t mean a website. Increasingly portal access is via native mobile apps. Modern Business Process Management applications, built by drawing workflows and customizing forms, without traditional programming in 3rd generation languages such as Java and C# is the key to rapidly creating and testing and improving new mobile health plan products to a wide variety of external and internal customers.

If you can’t find what you want or need out there among prepackaged software offering… If you’re intimidated by the thought of creating your own software solution the old-fashioned way… Really get close to and understand your customers and create new health plan products and services using a new-fashioned, low-code workflow and work platform….

… Such as the Appian BPM Work Platform. As I mentioned earlier (and I’m sure to mention again, below), I’ll be hanging out at the AHIP Institute Appian booth (1316, next to CMS). Come by to talk shop about healthcare workflow and workflow technology, and see how easy it is to quickly draw and execute native mobile app access to enterprise data and workflow.

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