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#HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassador four years in a row. Three HIMSS Davies Awards. Designed first undergraduate medical informatics program. EHR CMIO. Premed-Accountancy major (#1 ranked Illinois), Healthcare Systems Engineer (MSIE, Illinois), MS Intelligent Systems (Artificial Intelligence), ABD (All But Dissertation) Computational Linguistics (CMU). Dr. Workflow. King of All Workflow in Healthcare. The Workflow Bear. Owner of JETS! @HealthITDog and Maker of @MrRIMP (Robot-In-My-Pocket), both on Twitter!. Run the HIMSS17 Makerspace.

Long Bio

Bio: HIMSS14, HIMSS15, HIMSS16 and #HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassador! If you’ve got a healthcare workflow story, I want to tell it, blog it, tweet it, interview you, etc. Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS has degrees in Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Intelligent Systems, and Medicine (from the University of Chicago). He’s the ex-CMIO for a three-time HIMSS Davies Award-winning pediatric EHR. Dr. Webster currently services as CMIMO (Chief Medical Informatics Marketing Officer) for workflow technology in healthcare. Chuck also created Mr. RIMP (@MrRIMP) (Robot-In-My-Pocket) a Bluetooth-controlled wearable robot for pediatricians and child life specialists to entertain children. Dr. Webster designed the first undergraduate program in medical informatics, was a software architect in a hospital MIS department, and has been a judge for the annual Workflow Management Coalition Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow and Awards for Case Management for years. Chuck is a ceaseless evangelist for process-aware technologies in healthcare, including workflow management systems, Business Process Management, and dynamic and adaptive case management. Dr. Webster tweets from @wareFLO, @HealthITdog, and @MrRIMP (though there is some debate about the last two). He maintains almost a half-a-million words and graphics on numerous websites, including EHR Workflow Management Systems (http://wareflo.com), Healthcare Business Process Management (http://HCBPM.com) and the People and Organizations improving Healthcare with Health Information Technology (http://EHRworkflow.com). Please join with Chuck to spread the message: Viva la workflow!