Zowie! Tweets of the Week for January 17, 2010: Twitter Holiday, Groupware, EHRs+BPM, Football, Most Downloaded White Paper

  • Blog post: A Twitter Holiday: Sun, Sand, Surf, Smartphones, Short URLS, Social MEdia, and Pediatric EMR Workflow Systems http://j.mp/4ogmwT #
  • “Groupware” coined in 1978 “intentionally chosen group processes & procedures + the computer software 2 support them” http://j.mp/8YHaiY EMR #
  • Good question! Are any healthcare institutions using Business Process Management (BPM) with fiscal and EMR/EHR apps? http://bit.ly/5aP8Jl #
  • TX RT @tmlfox “Football Plays & #EHR Workflow” The comments R as good (or better) than the blog entry itself. Fun read http://ow.ly/VwVT EMR #
  • Hmm. No 1 going to answer twestion http://j.mp/4vuX7z on status of combined use BPM, EMR/EHR & fiscal apps? This looks like a job for…moi! #
  • Greif 1988 “The multi-user software supporting CSCW [Computer-Supported Cooperative Work] systems is known as groupware” http://j.mp/8BkDbP #
  • Hey! My white paper on pediatric emr/ehr workflow most downloaded 4 2009 @ Healthcare Technology Online http://j.mp/7EwGJM TX! @hctechnology #

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