3D-Printing #HITsm Chat Hashtag In A Google Glass Video

Last week my 3D printer arrived, in about 200 pieces! (3D Printer Out-of-Box Experience Recorded as Google Glass Video) I assembled it and am happily 3D printing, thank you very much! This week I’m giving a tour of its operation. Since I usually participate in the weekly #HITSM chat (Fridays, noon, EST) I donned Glass and videoed 3D printing of the #HITSM letters, on a little stand I can put it on my desk.

Oh, by the way, there’s a bit of todo here in DC about a snowy owl getting hit by a bus. It’s recuperating, but as per usual, there’s already a @DCSnowyOwl Twitter account. In order to keep everyone’s spirits high, I printed a little statue of the snowy owl. That’s a video I can’t show you, but you would’t want to see it, because it took an hour and forty-five minutes! Anyway, see below….

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