2/16 #KareoChat: #HIMSS17! What’s Hot? How To Participate? Who To Follow? #HIMSS2117? Workflow!

[This post is part of a series I am writing as a HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassador (four years in a row!) in the run up to HIMSS17, in Orlando, February 19-23. Stop by and meet me at the first ever HIMSS Makerspace, booth 7785 in the Innovation Zone!]

I am so excited! No, not about HIMSS17, though yes I am excited about that.

I am so excited to host my first #KareoChat! Thank you KareoChat! In fact, Thursday, February 16, is my last day in the office, so to speak, before hitting the road. You see, I’m driving from Columbus, Ohio, to Orlando, Florida, hauling a car-load of makerspace stuff to HIMSS17 set up the first ever HIMSS conference Makerspace (booth 7785 in The Innovation Zone). But, no, this KareoChat is not about that, either.

This KareoChat is about #HIMSS17, itself. What’s hot? How to participate? Who to follow? Faster, better, cheaper! Workflow! (Of course!). And finally, imagine that you can step into a time machine to travel 100 years in the future to #HIMSS2117. What might you see?


And the questions are… (drum roll please!)

1. What topics will be top-of-mind at the upcoming #HIMSS17 conference? Number one? Two? Three? #KareoChat

2. How will you participate in #HIMSS17? In person? Exhibit only? Twitter? Presenting? (congrats) Other? #KareoChat

3. @HIMSS & present company excepted, who do you count on for #HIMSS17 1) news, 2) commentary & 3) humor? #KareoChat

4. Imagine #HIMSS17, #HIMSS2117 that is! What #SciFi health IT will be old hat by then? #KareoChat

5. Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick Two! Can #HIMSS17 help get to three? If no, why not? If yes, how? #KareoChat

6. Quick! Google #HIMSS17 +workflow What product (or class of product) pops up on your radar? What’s interesting? #KareoChat

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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