Wonderful Video Chat About Microservices in Healthcare, With Real Code Examples!

[This post is part of a series I am writing as a HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassador (four years in a row!) in the run up to HIMSS17, in Orlando, February 19-23. Stop by and meet me at the first ever HIMSS Makerspace, booth 7785 in the Innovation Zone!]

Youtube Archive of Firetalk Event

Learn about microservices in healthcare from the co-developer of the first programming language specifically for creating microservices, @JolieLang! A recent Firetalk (19 viewers, 71 messages) got into actual programming code! For general background about microservices in healthcare, read my From APIs to Microservices: Workflow Orchestration and Choreography Across Healthcare Organizations. There’s also an excellent 5-minute Youtube explanation of microservices. You’ll see the obvious connection from microservices to workflow and workflow tech, since a microservices are like tasks in workflow management system. They need to be orchestrated to create complete workflows. Furthermore, since Jolie microservices are intrinsically distributed, as soon as you write them, one can imagine building health IT applications with workflows orchestrated across multiple health IT organizational silos. I’d love to network with anyone I can interest in Jolie at HIMSS17. You can contact me through my Twitter account @wareFLO or this blog’s Contact Me page.

The code Claudio Guidi refers to was written by Balint Maschio. It’s a toy, but executable, program illustrating how microservices written in Jolie might serve medical images. Claudio spent about twenty minutes discussing the Balint’s code, most of the time in the orchestrator service file named server.ol. Claudio is very good about systematically referring to line numbers in the Jolie code. When he does so, just scroll down to inspect the code while continuing to listen to Claudio. Server.ol refers to other services, which you can get to via the Github link. He briefly discusses OrchestratorInterface.iol, so I’ve appended that code below as well.




For my own experiments writing Jolie microservices, see the postscript to my more general post about microservices in healthcare.

See you at HIMSS17! By the way, I have my own booth this year. I’m running the first makerspace at a HIMSS conference. It’s Booth 7785 in the Innovation Zone.

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