Meaningful Use: There was NO WARNING of its ARRIVAL! It had no MERCY! It gave NO QUARTER!

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Feel free to contact me to purchase emblazoned T-shirts, aluminum water bottles, posters, business cards, coffee mugs, drinkware, magnets, mousepads, coasters, keepsake boxes, calendars and wall clocks. Concessions available. Feel free to embed this image in blogs, websites, etc., as long as you provide link back to this post. Also feel free to avail yourself of the clever short URL (well, memorable, at least). Finally: feel free!

Disclaimer: No subliminal messaging or advertising techniques were intentionally or knowingly used in creating the above image or its surrounding text.

P.S. @ReasObBob came up with the #EHRbacklash hashtag.

@TechGuy wrote The Coming Physician EHR Revolt, sending me into a reverie resulting in the above artwork.

3 thoughts on “Meaningful Use: There was NO WARNING of its ARRIVAL! It had no MERCY! It gave NO QUARTER!”

  1. Nicely done. Glad that it was inspiring. I think that looking back it will be one of the works I’m most proud of. I always love to think of myself as a physician advocate and I think that piece makes it clear. It will resonate with doctors and anger EHR vendors. So, it should be just right.

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