Currently Attending The 2009 HIMSS Conference In Chicago

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I will be, or am, or was (depending on when you read this) at the 2009 HIMSS conference in Chicago from Saturday April 4th to Tuesday April 8th.

Dr. Gonzalzles’ presentation ”Workflow Management EMR Systems and the Primary Care Physician,” is on Sunday, April 5, at 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM in Room S403b at the McCormick Place Convention Center. If you attend I hope you will introduce yourself. Or email me at webster at encounterpro dot com (which I frequently check on my cell phone) if you’d like to get together to talk about EHRs, workflow management systems, or business process management. (Perhaps I should look into Twitter for this sort of thing.)

P.S. I actually feel a little guilty that this post is so short. While I originally intended to post only intermittently, I have in fact posted once a week for two months. This might be becoming a habit. In fact, I’m beginning to look forward to each post a bit like a columnist (“Another deadline! What will I write about?”) but also a bit like a novelist dealing with unruly characters (“What’s going to happen next?”).

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