Turbocharge Health Plan Operational Processes With Same BPM So Successfully Used In Other Industries

While no longer amazed, I am still amused, when I see job ads for C-level positions requiring NO healthcare experience. Hospitality and aviation come to mind, as industries healthcare organizations and consultants travel to return with great ideas and technologies. One idea and technology that has been widely adopted in most other industries, but not much yet in healthcare, is Business Process Management. I’ve been tracking diffusion of workflow tech, now called BPM, into healthcare for two decades. It’s very much an example of the famous Gibson quite, “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” Take a look at some of the remarkable statistics achieved by non-healthcare organizations at the recent Appian World conference I attended.

(I don’t think I need to read/type you the slides. If you need to, just click on each to enlarge.)

To sum up this series of 10 reasons why health plans should double-down on modern BPM, take a look at this survey of attendees at a webinar on BPM. I call it a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-distribution. These folks, from a cross-section of industries, were interested in BPM because it promises to allow them to create apps for quickly AND change those apps easily AND integrate those apps with back end enterprise systems AND improve user experience.

Exactly where health plan payer IT needs to go too!

Process-aware modern Business Process Management is really a paradigm-shift. Health plans, health insurers, health payers, are already early adopters of BPM (compared to healthcare and health IT generally). It’s time to double down. To exploit these early successes by pivoting to even more mission critical AND customer engaging new health plan products and services.

10 Reasons Health Plans Should Double-Down on Modern Business Process Management

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