HIMSS15 Top Ten List Of Healthcare Workflow Movers & Shakers

Wow! Been a great HIMSS15 show. Prior to HIMSS I announced an intention to create my HIMSS15 Top Ten List Of Healthcare Workflow Movers & Shakers. I’d hoped to have individual rationales to tweet out one at a time during HIMSS. But I’ve written a couple and realize I can’t do justice t to every one of the ten “POWHIT”ers. I will circle back after HIMSS with ten rationales. BTW I intend no order, and in fact Twitter doesn’t allow Twitter lists to be sorted by users. I look forward to writing about each POWHITer. I hope some of you might look forward to reading about them. At least I hope the POWHITers themselves will! 🙂


POWHIT stands for People and Organizations improving Workflow with Health Information Technology. Over the years I’ve often used the #POWHIT Twitter hashtag.

Here’s link to the Twitter list itself: HIMSS15 Top Workflowistas! If you have any questions or quibbles, you may wish to read my rules! Or just wait until I explain why I selected the individuals and organization that I did.


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