3D Printer Out-of-Box Experience Recorded as Google Glass Video

My 3D printer arrived! I shot its Out-Of-The-Box Experience using my Google Glass. It’s ten minutes long! That’s because it’s a kit I have to assemble.

By the way, in the video I mention I read it took three Ph.D. scientists and two engineers eight hours to assemble the printer. To be fair, I read numerous other places it only takes one person four to eight hours.

3D printing promises to revolutionize many industries in the same way the Internet did. Only, instead of manipulating just measly little ‘ol electrons, we’re talking whole frickin’ atoms! Download a 3D design off the Internet, tweak it to your purposes (size, add/subtract features, add your own branding), and presto! I don’t know how soon we’ll be printing pizzas like Star Trek’s replicator, but look at this list of cool medically-related stuff that’s already happening.

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