How’s the RSNA Conference Going for Mach7? Hot Topics in Conversations with Visitors to Your Booth? (6344!)

(7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform (RSNA Booth #6344))

Great crowd!

How’s the RSNA conference going for you? What are the hot topics in conversations with visitors to your booth?

Eric Rice, Mach7 CTO:

The conference has been great. Booth traffic has already exceeded what we saw last year and there is a lot of excitement out there about our “Build Your Own” approach and the universal building blocks that create an enterprise imaging strategy. We have several customers here who are talking with healthcare teams about image management challenges and how to address some of the shortfalls or limitations of departmental PACS. We’re finding that health IT teams really want a consultative approach to their imaging challenges. No “one size fits all.” We’re able to help folks plan a course of action to augment or replace their current image archiving systems and move to a universal, VNA-based solution. We’re busy over here. We hope people interested in a VNA solution or those just looking to enhance their workflows and resolve challenges they didn’t know were possible, will stop by the Mach7 booth (#6344) and let us show them why our enterprise imaging platform is different…and is a key piece of the puzzle for their imaging strategy in 2015.

Chuck: Fantastic! Eric, thank you for answering my questions about Mach7’s workflow technology. I’m a fan of workflow tech, because it is much easier to customize and optimize workflow. Radiology imaging systems are further down the road than other areas of health IT, in use of this important tech. Thanks again, for being a role model in this respect. I wish you continued success. Have a great rest of RSNA’14!

  1. What Is Mach7’s Communication Workflow Engine And How Does It improve Clinical Workflow Efficiency?
  2. Mach7 Has “Industry’s Most Robust and Technologically Advanced Vendor Neutral Platform” What Do You Mean?
  3. How Does Mach7 Leverage Workflows Optimized By Clinical Specialty And “Next Step” Care Protocols?
  4. How Can Mach7 Imaging Tech Help Create Ubiquitous, Seamless Patient Data Interoperability?
  5. Images are the original health IT unstructured data. How does Mach7 release their value?
  6. Mach7’s Image Translation & Transformation Capabilities? Schedule and Criteria-Based Workflows? Study, Series, and Image Level Processing?
  7. How’s the RSNA Conference Going for Mach7? Hot Topics in Conversations with Visitors to Your Booth? (6344!)

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