Workflow Engineering Patient Experience & Engagement

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I could have drawn these diagrams, but I wanted something a little more vivid, so you may recognize some of the folks, there, in the lower left, we’ve got Dr. Nick Cullen and John Lind. That’s a drawing of the relationship between patient experience and patient engagement. Now, I showed you an excellent definition of experience, and also, there are definitions of engagement out there, that use words like activation, but as a systems engineer, as an industrial engineer, I look at it in terms of, experience is what the system does to the patient, and engagement is what the patient does back. When you’re building systems, you need to really, really, really simplify.

Now, we’re adding technology in there, and this technology is interacting with the staff in the healthcare system. If this technology helps them do their job, then they do a better job interacting with the patient. If this technology does a good job, and it does it in a way that frees them from a lot of work they had to do before, it frees up time and attention, that can be spent on creating wonderful experience, that’s the smiles.

At the same time this is happening, we have a consumerization process. A lot of the younger generation, they don’t want to talk to anybody on the phone, God forbid go someplace to deal with customer service, they just want to sit there in front of the TV and click on an app. What’s happening is these backend systems, the systems behind the smiles, are actually being exposed digitally to patients. This has interesting implications. It can free up they system, free up the staff, to deliver better service.

Basically, and again, this is like, I started at the thirty-thousand foot level, I zoomed in, and now I’m zooming back out. I believe that workflow, including messaging, is absolutely essential to creating an optimal set of relationships of data flows and work flows, between the patient and the system or staff, and technology.

Take me to the next post in this series: Re-Integrating Healthcare Data and Healthcare Workflow: Patient Experience.

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