My Periscope Tours Of Washington, DC, at

My day job is health IT, but I happen to live in one of the most photogenic, and videogenic, cities in the entire world, Washington, DC. Recently I’ve been ‘scoping (as in Periscope, Twitter’s live-streaming app) DC sunrises and sunsets, plus cool monuments (Washington) and memorials (Jefferson) in between. Some of the best I upload to YouTube and archive here. I created the domain, forwarded it here, and added it to my Periscope profile. I hope you’ll follow me on Periscope at wareFLO and Twitter at @wareFLO. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to all my Katched scopes:

Exterior Jefferson Memorial on YouTube (but with comments and hearts!):

Interior Jefferson Memorial on Katch:

Sunrise over behind Washington Monument, over Reflecting Pool, from Lincoln Memorial steps (hadn’t figured out how to capture comments & hearts, wasn’t using catch, but had almost 1.5K live viewers!)

Sunset behind the Washington Monument from the National Mall, occasionally swiveling to see the Capitol building.

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