Digital Transformation of Healthcare with Business Process Management: Two Books To Consider!

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I’m always looking for ways to get health IT and workflow technology folks together, in real life and on Twitter. For example “digital transformation” is a popular phrase and concept. It describes the changes due to digital technology in all aspects of human society. More specifically, it’s about transforming business activities and processes. Processes? Workflow! So, workflow technology, also called business process management, is in the digital transformation conceptual mix. In fact, there’s a wonderful book about BPM and digital transformation coming out the 20th of this month.

Digital Transformation with Business Process Management: BPM Transformation and Real-World Execution

I obtained an advanced peek. I highly recommend it!

From the foreword, Nathaniel Palmer:

“Today’s BPM platforms deliver the ability to manage work while dynamically adapting the steps of a process according to an awareness and understanding of content, data, and business events that unfold. This is the basis of intelligent automation, enabling data-driven processes adapting dynamically to the context of the work, delivering the efficiency of automation while leveraging rules and policies to steer the pathway towards the optimal outcome. For these reasons, BPM is the ideal platform for digital transformation.”

The introduction and case study abstracts are available online.

If you are intrigued with the idea of using workflow technology to transform healthcare organizations, I hope you’ll also consider Business Process Management in Healthcare, Second Edition.

I wrote the Foreword and contributed a chapter, the full text of which are available here (Foreword) and here (Marketing Intelligent BPM to Healthcare Intelligently).

And, since this is your digital transformation lucky day, here are some recent articles about BPM and digital transformation.

Transform your ideas about transforming healthcare with business process management!

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