I’m Going on Vacation, To The New York Finger Lakes: Past Photos!

I usually only blog or tweet about workflow (80%?) or non-personal personal stuff (weird news, archeology, random science). The exception is when I go on vacation. I’m a bit of a photography nut… not very good… just a nut. Since I’m heading up to the Finger Lakes next week, and taking and tweeting lots of photos (plus some ‘scopes, via Periscope), I thought I’d prime the pump with this collection of past tweeted Finger Lakes photos.

Thank you for your patience, until the 16th, when I’ll be back to healthcare workflow and workflow tech, 24/7!

Google Glass Tweets & Videos From Snowstorm Titan In Washington DC

National Mall Google Glass Video Walk Through Snowstorm Janus In Washington DC

Google Glass works great in low 20-degree weather, as I proved today when I walked from the US Capitol to the Washington Monument in Snowstorm Janus. It took about 20 minutes and I encountered tourists, dogs, snowballs, snow angels, reporters, and even a museum alarm (plus a guy running away: exciting). Along the way I talked to myself. About whatever came to mind (including Glass).

I tweeted a lot of photos from Glass. I’ll add them below. But, in the meantime, I wanted to upload, embed, and tweet this video, literally while the snow is still flying. Thank you to everyone who favorited and commented on those tweets, I enjoyed the feedback while I was out and about in the biggest DC snowstorm in three years! (Which is not so big as all, since I grew up in northern Idaho and norther Illinois.)

Tweeted Photos From My St. Thomas US Virgin Islands Vacation

I just got back from a fun vacation in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. I tweeted lots of photos. This is just a blog post to collect them in one place so I can send them to folks not on Twitter or who don’t read every one of my tweets. (Is that possible?). 🙂

Video: Carol of the Saxophone, I Mean Bells! Merry Christmas All!

Short link: http://ehr.bz/lg

(Shot this in Alexandria, Virginia.)

Christmas lights, passers-by, wet snowflakes, a donation and a smile, and one hot saxophone version of my favorite Christmas tune: Carol of the Bells.

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/carol-of-the-bells-keyboard-saxophone/carol-of-the-bells.flv 320 240]If you have trouble seeing the video because you’re using iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc.) or a slow wireless or dial-up (I hear they still exist) connection try this smaller mobile phone mp4 file.

  • 0:24 A tinkly riff, but a some false notes…
  • 030: You realize he’s wearing thick gloves…
  • 0:52 His sax begins to wail…
  • 0:57 He frowns, off come the gloves…
  • 1:07 Hmmm, better…
  • 1:27 Adjust that mouthpiece…
  • 1:55 Zoom in on his face…
  • 2:00 A little improv…
  • 2:10 Wow!
  • 2:50 “Carol of the Bells!”…(yeah!)
  • 2:58 “Merry Christmas all!”…

Merry Christmas all!

Five Photos of 2011 Washington “DC Henge” Near Chinatown Friendship Arch

“Because D.C.’s lettered streets downtown run exactly east-west, we can see the sun rise and set directly between the buildings, twice a year at the spring and autumn equinoxes.” DC Henge Due to Get Rained Out

In spite of yesterday’s prediction, here are some photos:


Several days before, looking east…


…then the autumn equinox, September 23 evening, the sun reflecting back from glass-surfaced building many blocks away…


…same reflection seen parallel with sidewalk…


…then looking west toward the Friendship Arch from several blocks away…



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Washington, DC, Blizzard of 2010 Photos and Videos

Short Link: http://j.mp/dizN4A

The DC Blizzard of 2010 (January 5-6, fourth most snow in DC weather history) is over except for the shoveling [CW: Ha! See P.S.S!]. Today, Sunday, is clear and cold. Yesterday the falling snow was so dense (up to 3 inches an hour) that sometimes it felt like I was walking through snow soup. Here are some of my favorite photos and videos…


This is my favorite. We’re looking west toward the Chinatown Friendship Arch. The green traffic lights add a touch of irony–there are no cars on the road, just people and dogs (though technically, there *are* cars on the road; dimly visible on the other side of the arch, are a number of stranded vehicles).



Transplants to DC from colder climes broke out their winter equipment.



I was not to be outdone: kickbikes for summer and kicksleds for winter.



One snowboard dudesss suggested that I get a Snow Jack tattoo. (Nope.)



Could I have a table outside, please?



Saturday evening: while I did not see the sun, I did see peripheral evidence of a lovely sunset. That’s the top of the Washington Monument to the left.




[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/dc-winter-time-machine.flv 320 240]Winter storms are time machines.

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-chinatown-arch.flv 320 240]7AM Chinatown Friendship Arch

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/video-blower.flv 320 240]Wow! I didn’t DC had snow blowers!
(And no, I don’t know why WordPress centered three Flash videos but left justified the next three, despite my straight-forward HTML tags.)

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-snow-trucks.flv 320 240]One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-mute-witness.flv 320 240]I’ll have a table outside please.

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-monument.flv 320 240]All over except the shoveling.



One day later…


See, we’re half way dug out already!

P.S.S. Four days later we get hit with another blizzard, officially making this the snowiest winter in DC history.

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/video-again.flv 320 240]They’re baaack!



Look familiar? While I did not “get the shot”, for short periods the steeple was invisible.


 Reminds me of those statues on Easter Island!

 [flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-chinese-in-snow.flv 320 240]In search of Starbucks

[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-sunny-blizzard.flv 320 240]A “Sunny” Blizzard



[flv:http://www.chuckwebster.com/video/dc-blizzard/Video-pile-snow.flv 320 240]Me, Standing on Ten Foot High Pile of Snow