HIMSS17 Makerspace an Extraordinary Success: Tweets! Photos! Videos!

I have lots of folks to thank for paving the way and making the first ever makerspace at a HIMSS conference a resounding success. I will follow up with a longer blog post doing exactly that. However I want to get this collection of tweets, photos, and videos on the web as soon as possible immediately after HIMSS17. Enjoy!

Replay an hour-long live-streamed Periscope video.

I discuss connection between healthcare workflow and the maker movement.

A first-time HIMSS17 exhibitor shows off his 3D-printed custom battery housing for medical devices (an excellent practical example of 3D-printing in healthcare). Jim also enthusiastically endorses the HIMSS exhibitor experience.

Now for some photos…

I used my laser cutter/engraver to create badges for the HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassadors. Notice that @janicemccallum is the “boldest” (because she was first and I hadn’t dialed in the laser engraver yet, I offered to reburn it, but J liked the metaphor of being first and bold).

Thank you @HIMSS for providing me space for a makerspace!

Here is what the makerspace looked like right after I set it up on Sunday.

Everyday, via tweets on the #HIMSS17 hashtag, I gave away a Raspberry Pi (including accessories), donated by @msharmas of @HCITexpert.

It was so much fun giving away the Raspberry Pi! Got into a great convo with Denise about possible healthcare-related uses of her new RPi. My favorite? Proximity sensors (like those that turn on light when you enter a room) feeding data to the RPi to create a primitive (but potentially effective) home-based ambient activity tracker.

So much fun! Folks would walk around the corner, stand stock still, staring and grinning! Then it was usually one of two responses: What the heck happened here? Did something explode? vs. I know exactly what’s going on here, I’ve got half this stuff at home!

#HIMSSselfie with a couple of my fans… 🙂 (@A_Burkey & @carimclean)

John Lynn (@TechGuy), the busiest man in health IT social media, picks up his laser cut/engraved HIMSS17 Social Media Ambassador badge!

I explain the bits and pieces of a 3d-printed object.


@InnoNurse wins the HIMSS17 Innovation Makerspace grand prize! A Bluetooth-capable, battery-powered, $200 hackable Arduino-compatible biosensor (EEG, EMG, myo, dermal) development board, the BITalino.

What will Danielle make???

Interview with @InnoNurse about her new Bitalino biosensor development board.

LOL! Michael (@HealthData4All) is referring to the amount of time it will take me to put the makerspace genie back in the bottle and transport it back to my second bedroom in Columbus, Ohio! LOL!

Whew! I was tired, but in a good way!

Hmm, I’m already thinking on how to improve the #HIMSSmakers Innovation Makerspace experience! It might just have something to do with #HIMSSworkflow…. !

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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