EncounterPRO User to Present At HIMSS

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Congratulations to Dr. Armand Gonzalzles of Riverpoint Pediatrics in Chicago (an EncounterPRO EHR user since 2000) for his upcoming presentation at the 2009 Health Information Management Systems Society Conference in Chicago.


Dr. Gonzalzles’ presentation “Workflow Management EMR Systems and the Primary Care Physician,” (Sunday, April 5, 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM in Room S403b at the McCormick Place Convention Center) will review how his Riverpoint Pediatrics practice in Chicago achieved practice transformation with workflow improvements with EHR adoption. Dr. Gonzales will review the steps required to change practice and physician workflows within the practice when adopting an EHR.

Attendees will learn to describe how a physician workflow changes are enhanced with EHR usage, explain the importance of workflow analysis when adopting an EHR for your practice, identify how to spend more quality time with patients instead of documenting the visit, and discuss how to improve overall practice administration.

Recently I had the pleasure of serving on an expert panel with Dr. Gonzalzles advising the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) on “Assessing the Economics of EMR Adoption and Successful Implementation in Physician Small Practice Settings.”  Here is the final report (some very interesting observations about workflow management that I intend to highlight in a later post).

Dr. Gonzalzles is a past winner of the 2004 HIMSS Ambulatory Care Davies Award of Excellence (his winning application here).

 Congratulations again, Dr. Gonzalzles!


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  1. Chuck – the links to the “final report” and the application are broken. Can you fix them so we can read them?

    1. Fixed! Thanks. (Reminder to myself, when using relative links in WordPress, make sure to include the leading forward slash.)

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