Harness Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud-Enabled Health Insurance Application Development Platforms

Healthcare is like a very large insular country that’s been closed off from the rest of the world for a long time but now it’s opening up. The same forces that are affecting many other verticals, such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, particularly, are also affecting healthcare. This is sometimes portrayed as an almost a perfect storm. We need to be come more social. We need to become more mobile. Etc. But how, given limited resources and creaky old legacy enterprise tech, can we possibly do go in all these directions at once?

These technologies and these new industries, if you look under the hood, often the most successful platforms have workflow automation, workflow engines, the ability to draw out a workflow or to systematically improve the workflow with the data, possibly big data.

What if I told you that there was an application platform that dramatically reduces time to market, talks to your back-end systems, and has a much better user experience than traditional health IT? Oh, one more thing. Well, actually, four more things. Applications created on this platform automatically leverage social, mobile, analytics and cloud. That’s a modern Business Process Management application platform.

Those folks you hire who are already used to Facebook/Twitter style activity stream user interfaces? That’s the UI to this BPM application platform. (Plus it can appropriately consume and generate public social media content, while securing sensitive content which much be secured.) Mobile? Design your application by drawing workflows and forms. Then push a button, to generate cross-platform and native mobile apps. Analytics, especially time-stamped analytics, so important to find and eliminating bottlenecks, workarounds, and rework, are build into a wide variety of dashboards and key performance indicators. Finally, cloud. You chose. Public or private.

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  1. This is useful information about social , mobile , analytics and cloud particularly, are also affecting healthcare. That’s a platform that dramatically reduce time to market and has better experience than traditional health of IT. I had heard about a firm that provides SMAC solutions and help govt. and law enforcement bodies. The firm using SMAC stack technology and helps general public.

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