Finite State Machines For Mr RIMP (Robot-In-My-Pocket) Workflows

Version 3 of @MrRIMP, my 3D-printed robot that fits in my pocket, is now a year old. Checkout our interview below!

In other words, I’ve been thinking about version 4 Mr. RIMP for a year! Long term I’d like Mr. R to satisfy the following requirements.

  • Nicer.
  • Funnier.
  • Smarter.

Ha! Seriously…

  • Capable of entertaining interactive behaviors (speech, animation, etc.)
  • Easy to create using commonly available Maker tools and components (cheap electromechanical parts, 3D printing, soldering, etc.)
  • Customizable at 3D-printed enclosure, hardware, and software behavior levels.
  • Leverage some sort of wearable/IoT connectivity (interactivity, provisioning, etc.)
  • Have some relevance to my interest in healthcare workflow technology (hence the next section of finite state machines in Python)

This blog post is really intended as just a place for me to archive some links relevant to the above requirements. (I find that I almost never go back to consult bookmarks. However I frequently go back to blog posts. And I like the idea someone else might stumble on this and then who knows what might happen!)

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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