Three One-Minute Glass Interviews at #DCTechDay (Well, One Is Just A 3D Scan of My Head!)

I live practically next door to the National Building Museum in Washington DC. It’s an impressive building with an interesting Civil War history. Today I wandered around DC Tech Day there today, delighted to see such a vigorous tech startup community. I hear we’re rivaling some more famous areas of the world. (How D.C. quietly became one of the best places to build a start-up: A look at four key factors that are helping the city lure entrepreneurs) But maybe someday they’ll rival us!

Before I get to my increasingly infamous One-Minute Interviews (practically tweeted on the spot!) here’s a couple of shots of the National Building Museum: Winter!


Here’s my One-Minute with Ben of Datasembly

… with Jeff Perez of Everseat

… and this, well, it’s just what it looked like, from my angle using Google Glass, to get a 3D scan of my head! Scary! Thank you ShapeShot! (By the way, there are some fascinating medical applications of this head 3D scanning tech!)

What a great metaphor! Showcasing the DC tech startup community in the National *Building* Museum!

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