Mach7 Has “Industry’s Most Robust and Technologically Advanced Vendor Neutral Platform” What Do You Mean?

(7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform (RSNA Booth #6344))

In one of Mach7’s online brochures: “Industry’s Most Robust and Technologically Advanced Vendor Neutral Platform”, “Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform provides the most robust, fully-functioned product set in the industry for clinical archiving and communication.” There’s also this diagram. I really like how it interrelates content management and specialty-specific workflow (a topic I’ve written about and presented as a webinar).


What do you mean by “Vendor Neutral” and “Platform”?

Eric Rice, Mach7 CTO::

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform is composed of a Vendor Neutral Archive and Communication Workflow Engine. In addition, Mach7 Clinical Studio offers the Physician & Patient Portal and a universal, zero-footprint Clinical Viewer. These components create an imaging solution that is free of proprietary formats and allows physicians to leverage their best-of-breed viewers across specialties. Imaging data is consolidated in the VNA, and a single integration point is used to image enable the EMR. Interfaces between the systems include DICOM, HL7, non-DICOM, and HTTP protocols, with IHE adherence.

Image management then extends beyond the boundaries of any single department or “ology”. Through a vendor neutral, standards-based solution, true image management reaches across the healthcare enterprise to achieve interoperability within a department, enterprise, or region and across specialties.
Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform is a clinical imaging platform designed to go beyond Radiology and Cardiology. We currently support endoscopy, dermatology, pathology, oncology, etc. to name a few. Mach7’s Archive can manage and store the following non-DICOM file formats:

• Bitmaps
• Tiffs
• Jpegs
• Mpeg
• Quick Time

For example, regional imaging centers like San Diego Imaging (CA), Radiology and Imaging Specialists (FL) and Wake Radiology (NC), are among the leading healthcare organizations setting a course toward VNA Platforms. These platforms offer advanced vendor neutral technologies including sophisticated archiving, customizable communication workflow, and universal visualization solutions that collectively help address the patient data management challenges that imaging centers encounter. For imaging center success, interoperability across disparate referring facilities and a mix of vendor acquisition devices and visualization systems are a necessity. These universal, standards-based VNA Platforms enable communication, drive new revenue channels, speed diagnosis, and reduce storage carrying costs and network latency, helping healthcare organizations achieve their business and patient management goals.

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