H-EHR-T Healthy EHR Doesn’t Give Physicians Heartburn! Happy Valentines Day!

Short Link: http://ehr.bz/heart

H-EHR-T stands for Healthy Electronic Health Records Technology. I’m getting pretty good at catchy acronyms. Checkout S.Y.S.T.E.M., which stands for Saves You Substantial Time, Effort, and Money. Anyway, I had a Twitter convo with @SmyrnaGirl leading to her EHR Valentines Day post. So I might as well write one too!


There’s not much to this post. It’s just a place to collect a bunch of tweets for future reference. Maybe I’ll RT one, once-in-a-while. If I use HootSuite, and schedule the retweets, I’m good for a decade of Valentines Days!

Happy Valentines Day! Don’t forget to take your A.N.T.A.C.I.D! 🙂

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