Live-Streamed Photos and Tweets Containing #TEDMED OR #GreatChallenges

If you’re not on Twitter, but would still like to read thoughts and watch photos from tweets containing the #TEDMED and #GreatChallenges hashtags, you came to the right blog post. If you *are* on Twitter, but know someone who isn’t, send them this blog post! Be sure to tell them your Twitter handle so they can watch for you. You may also be interested in List of 1200+ TEDMEDLive Sites Hosting 2013 TEDMED Simucasts (so you can tweet at them!), Live-Streamed Tweets From 2013 TEDMED’s “The Hive” Startups and Entrepreneurs, and I Received Social Media Credentials to Cover 2013 TEDMED!

(It should refresh automatically as new tweets post. It’s a pretty decent Twitter client! I like how it auto-expands tweets containing photos. None of my other clients do this. So, while I originally intended this post for people who aren’t on Twitter, I find it convenient to leave it open on my desktop.)

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