The Twelve Days of EMR Beta Testing

I wrote this a few years ago (the “touch pens”). Decided it deserves a blog post.

“The Twelve Days of EMR Beta Testing”

Sung (obviously) to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas:

  • On the twelfth day of beta testing
  • My vendor sent to me
  • Twelve users using
  • Eleven printers printing
  • Ten doctors leaping
  • Nine patients dancing
  • Eight bills a billing
  • Seven screens appearing (“in quick succession matching specialty-specific workflow” [muttered quickly under the breath])
  • Six nurses disbursing
  • Fiiiiive neeeetwooooork piiiiiings! (loudly and obnoxiously drawn out)
  • Four calling users
  • Three touch pens
  • Two bugs rid of
  • And a paper record in the debris (groan!)

I was inspired by “12 Days of Christmas Song: A Music Geek Carol!” The fifth line (in reverse order) is sublime.

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