Kudos to National Health IT Week Partners: People and Organizations fixing Workflow w/Health IT!

Yes! It is time again for me to drag out the POWHIT badge of distinction! POWHIT stands for People and Organizations fixing Workflow with Health Information Technology. 12 percent of National Health IT Week corporate partners specifically mention “workflow” in their profiles. Let’s give them a round of virtual applause!


I’m looking forward to not just monitoring mentions of “workflow” but instigating and participating in full-blown conversations about the importance of process-aware ideas and technologies in healthcare. These include, but are not limited to, workflow management systems, business process management, workflow engines and editors, process orchestration, and process mining.

“POW!” and “HIT!” come from those nutty fight scenes in that venerable ’60s Batman TV series. Just think of it this way. Workflow thinking and technology is a superhero who is coming to save health IT from otherwise seemingly intractable EHR and HIT usability, patient safety and experience, interoperability, and productivity problems.

P.S. To the Workflowmobile!

P.S. Watch this hilarious reprise of those Batman, Robin & Catwoman POW! HIT! rock’m sock’m fight scenes!

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