Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference #SHS2017 Tweetchat Off to Great Start!

I started thinking about a Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference-themed tweetchat back in 2015, when I saw Jim’s tweet.

This year a bunch of stuff fell into place. I suggested that SHS2017 ought to have what are called Social Media Ambassadors (just like HIMSS17!). I ended up one of 10 SMAs in this year’s inaugural group. I love tweet chats, where folks tweet about related topics at a predetermined time using a common Twitter hashtag. I participate in about a half dozen tweet chats a week (#HITsm, #HCLDR, #KareoChat, #AskAvaility, #MEQAPI, and often another couple of one-off special-purpose chats). So I decided to host a tweet chat during SHS2017.

Then I realized that the #MEQAPI (Measurement, Evaluation, Quality Assurance, and Process Improvement… you can’t get more HSPIish than that!) tweetchat occurs during the afternoon of the first full day of HSPI! Why not have a joint #SHS2017/#MEQAPI tweet chat?

Before we get to the tweetchat tweets, I’d like to highlight a kind DM from a participant.

“I was really pleased by the ethos and approach to the topics today. It’s refreshing as a patient and a clinician.”

To which I replied:

“Thank you for kind words. You happened upon an unusual community. The tweet chat was associated with the annual conference of healthcare process improvement professionals. They (we) look at the bigger picture, but in a practical way. The attendees would appreciate your sentiments. Thank you participating in the tweet chat. I hope we do it again sometime! — Chuck “

On to the #SHS2017/#MEQAPI tweets! (Just a small subset, by the way!)

There were mostly crickets in direct response to this question (should we be concerned?). However there was also lots of good-natured palavering and debate about other stuff. (Not a problem, that’s just like real life conversations!) For example, there was an interesting conversation about consultants between @KarlKraebber and @ShereesePubHlth.

That’s enough examples of tweets from the tweetchat. Tweet chats are way more fun to participate in than read after the fact! However, here are another couple tweets. I include them due to their positive sentiments toward this tweetchat and having another tweetchat next year.

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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