TEDMED “The Hive” Companies and The Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, Workflow and Language Technologies

I am so impressed with all of the companies showcased in TEDMED’s The Hive. I looked at every website, read their mission statement, and drilled down into descriptions of their technology. I’ve a partner website at EHRworkflow.com where I profile interesting companies. What do I mean by interesting? Well, I’ve got an acronym to guide me: SMACWL. It’s not the most elegant acronym, but at least it pronounceable and memorable. It rhymes with “spackle”, with which I am all too familiar. It’s used to repair holes in walls!

You may already be familiar with SMAC. It stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud technologies. I add Workflow and Language technologies because, well, that’s what I write and tweet about. Workflow and language technologies are not well understood in healthcare. However, they are diffusing into healthcare at an increasing rate. And the associated technologies that are bringing them in? SMAC.

Just like HIMSS13, where I looked at every exhibitor website (almost 1200!) and selected a subset of companies with great workflow and language technology stories, I looked at all 50 companies in TEDMED’s The Hive. Twenty-three of these slotted very nicely into my SMACWL “funnel” diagram on EHRworkflow.com (companion to my @EHRworkflow Twitter account). So, just like I added POW!HIT! Profiles, I added SMACWL Profiles.


I am sure these companies are bound for greatness. I’ll hear more about them. I created these SMACWL profiles so I have a place to put news, links, and content about these rising stars.

Thank you to TEDMED for performing an excellent job of finding and vetting them!

Check out what I’ve added so far. Most recent profiles are listed first in each category.

P.S. Since many companies span more than one category, how do I deal with that? Most startups these days rely on the cloud. But I don’t put a startup in the cloud category unless it’s that startup’s most compelling value proposition. To some extent, it’s arbitrary. But it is usually the case, at least so far, that one dimension or another stands out enough make my assignment at reasonable.

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