EHR Usability, Workflow & NLP at AMIA 2012: Presentations You Don’t Want to Miss!

The two big Health IT conferences I’ve attended, repeatedly, over the years, are HIMSS and AMIA (even back when it was SCAMC). I always root around their on-line programs, looking for presentations about EHR and HIT usability, workflow and natural language processing. This year AMIA is in Chicago, November 3-7. The City of Chicago has even declared Chicago Informatics Week (love that logo, especially the skyline reflected in the lake).

Here’s today’s tweeted announcement of availability of the AMIA conference online program:

And here’s what I reeled in! If you click through to AMIA’s Itinerary Planner, you’ll find dates and times. In some cases, where I’ve a related blog post, I provide the link.

If you’re interested EHR usability, workflow, and natural language processing, I hope the above list convenient and you find something of interest. Let me know if I missed anything!

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