Healthcare Process Improvement Tweetchat During #SHS2017 Co-hosted with #MEQAPI Thursday, 3PM EST!

This week starts the Society for Health SystemsHealthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference in Orlando, Florida. Its hashtag on Twitter is #SHS2017. From March 1 to March 3 the top minds thinking about improving healthcare workflow meet to present, learn, and network. As an Industrial Engineer (1985, @IllinoisISE) who went to medical school (@UChiPritzker), whenever I go to the HSPI conference, it feels like my natural home. In 2015 I gave the keynote on “wearable workflow”. This year I’m delighted to serve in the inaugural group of #SHS2017 Social Media Ambassadors. Having been a Social Media Ambassador for HIMSS for four years, I approached SHS and suggested the new SHS Social Media Ambassador program. BTW, I’m on Twitter at @wareFLO (a portmanteau of software and workflow), where I am variously known as Dr. Workflow, The King of All Workflow in Healthcare, or the Workflow Bear.

As #SHS2017 SMA my responsibilities include

  • Participating in social media focused activities before, during and after #SHS2017.
  • Shaping important dialogues leading up to and after #SHS2017.
  • Linking to SHS social media outlets to grow SHS’s followership.
  • Posting comments, pictures, videos, or questions in my posts (such as this).
  • Using the #SHS2017 hashtag! You should too. Regardless of whether you are attending #SHS2017 or not!

Depending on where you hang out (me? Twitter!), please link to, join, and participate via the following SHS Social Media Outlets:

If you are interested in any of the following extraordinarily important healthcare topics, please tweet and/or follow tweets containing the #SHS2017 hashtag.

  • Healthcare Process Improvement
  • Healthcare Leadership and Change Management
  • Healthcare Operations Research
  • Healthcare Quality and Safety
  • Healthcare Human Factors

I’ll also be introducing the #SHS2017 community to the other communities I frequent, including

(Did I miss your tweetchat? Let me know!)

During #SHS2017, at 3PM EST on Thursday, occurs the weekly #MEQAPI tweetchat. Founded by @MLoxton, we’re holding a joint #MEQAPI/#SHS2017 tweetchat from 3PM to 4PM EST. A tweetchat is a flurry of tweets about related topics all using the same hashtag during a prior scheduled period of time. If you are also attending #SHS2017, please multitask! If you are not attending #SHS2017, monitor the #SHS2017 hashtag, and retweet the best and most interesting tweets to your followers.

Don’t forget to use BOTH the #MEQAPI and #SHS2017 hashtags in each and every tweet during the #SHS2017/#MEQAPI tweetchat! (I usually copy and past them from a conveniently located text editor open next to Twitter. On my phone, I created a macro automatically expanding from, say “sss” to “#SHS2017 #MEQAPI.)

T0a & T0b will be tweeted more than once during the tweetchat. They are intended to provide a means to bridge between #SHS2017 #MEQAPI virtual and physical world. Even if you are not attending #SHS2017, please browse #SHS2017 presentations and tweet about them!

Here are the #SHS2017 #MEQAPI tweetchat topics:

The following two topics apply at any time during the tweetchat…

  • T0a: If you are attending a presentation at #SHS2017, please, please, please, live tweet (including photos of slides!) during entire tweetchat! #MEQAPI
  • T0b: Looking forward/backward what #SHS2017 session did you enjoy/look forward to most? #MEQAPI

The following topics will be tweeted at 10-15 minute intervals during tweetchat…

  • T1: Healthcare process improvement increasingly relies on software tools: your favorites? #MEQAPI #SHS2017
  • T2: Is “process” different from “workflow”? If so, how? If not, why do people seem to insist on using both? #MEQAPI #SHS2017
  • T3: Is Healthcare Management/Industrial Engineering” an obsolete phrase? If so, what should replace it? #MEQAPI #SHS2017
  • T4: Health IT increasingly *IS* healthcare workflow. What HIT applications hold greatest promise to improve workflow? #MEQAPI #SHS2017
  • T5: How can we bridge the chasm between process improvement & health IT creation & use? #MEQAPI #SHS2017

Many thanks to Matt Loxton (@MLoxton), founder of the Measurement, Evaluation, Quality Assurance, and Process Improvement (#MEQAPI) Thursday, 3PM EST tweetchat. Please come back! It’s every week at the same time!

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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