Blab: A New Way To Demo Health IT Software!

Believe it or not. That Hollywood Squares-esque social video platform, Blab, mostly populated by people talking about how great Blab is, is a really great way to demo health IT software! @dflee30 used the Blab Chrome extension…

…and gave about an hour demo of the ZenPRM collaboration and provider resource management system. Well, it would have been an hour, except I kept interrupting and asking questions. Which Don answered impeccably.

Couple of things to note. The live blab looked way better than either the replay or the youtube version. In both of the latter, the screencast is squeezed into a corner quarter of the video. But in the original blab, it stretches gloriously and crisply across about the top three fifths of the screen. I’m sure best practices will emerge, but in this case what seemed to work was lowering the screen resolution and bumping up the font size on the sending end, and playing around with the browser size and aspect ratio on the receiving end.

I am already looking forward to many demos of healthcare workflow software!

@wareFLO On Periscope!


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