Drones In Healthcare: Lessons and Imaginings From Harvey and Irma! #KareoChat 9/14

Imagine ordering fresh food, clothing, & batteries from Amazon, while sitting on your roof due to a flood. Imagine, lying on your roof in the dark and cold and rain, and being addressed by a friendly drone offering assistance. Imagine that drone calling in a big brother drone, large enough to airlift you to safety. Imagine waterproof drones fanning out and sampling floodwaters for unhealthy substances and organisms. Imagine being a quadriplegic and being able to fly like Superman, remotely piloting a drone while wearing telepresence goggles.

All of the above possibilities are technically possible, or folks are actively working to make these possibilities possible. In fact, during Harvey and Irma I saw dozens of news articles about the use of drones.

During the upcoming (Thursday, Noon EST, Sept. 14) #KareoChat tweetchat about drones in healthcare, I’ll tweet examples of all of the above, and more! Drones can deliver to your phone using its GPS coordinates. Drones can find people in the dark and cold using thermal imaging. Drones can talk to onlookers (think, drones + Alexa). Drones large enough to lift people exist, and are being proposes as air ambulances. Quadriplegics are learning new careers as drone pilots.

I’m saving most of my links to cool uses of drones in healthcare for the actual #Kareochat tweetchat, but I encourage you to watch these two videos.

Immersion Drone Piloting for People with Disabilities

Quadriplegic flying Quadcopter FPV (First Person View)


T1 Did you see any news about drones during Harvey & Irma? About what? Any controversies? #KareoChat

T2 If you were bed-bound, and could return anymore in the world for a drone’s eye tour, where & why? #KareoChat

T3 Drones are cool w/great potential, but what kinds of problems might they cause? Any ways to fix?

T4 If medical supplies could be delivered anywhere, within minutes, for virtually zero transport cost, how disruptive might that be?

T5 How can FEMA (Emergency) & FAA (Aviation) best work with thousands of enthusiastic drone pilot hobbyist who want to help during disasters?


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