How Does Mach7 Leverage Workflows Optimized By Clinical Specialty And “Next Step” Care Protocols?

(7 Questions For Eric Rice, CTO, About Mach7’s Innovative Imaging Workflow Platform (RSNA Booth #6344))

In your The 2014 Guide to VNA (Part 1) with respect to EHRs, you write of “leveraging workflows optimized by clinical specialty [and] “next step’ care protocols”. Those are classic benefits of workflow technology for healthcare. Could you elaborate?

Eric Rice, Mach7 CTO:

When radiology teams want to reduce manual study management and improve workflow efficiency, they turn to study routing solutions. Based on user-defined rules, workflow engines can route studies to the correct viewing workstation, then manage routing of the study to the PACS, for example. This allows reading teams to continue storing studies on their existing PACS while they address and remove manual study touch-points from their workflows. Alerts can also be set for any study not verified as archived directly from the modality or viewing workstation.

A great example of this type of workflow is with our customer Wake Radiology, North Carolina’s largest regional providers of highly specialized diagnostic services. Wake Radiology utilized four remote instances of the Communication Workflow Engine to route studies to local specialty (Mammography, CAD) workstations, as well as to a local PACS cache, and finally to the central instance of the Communication Workflow Engine. This central Engine routes to specialty workstations within the main radiologist reading site, as well as sending the studies into the central PACS.

Compression of the studies is done when sending from the remote sites to the central site for speed and optimal bandwidth usage.

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