Like a Hawk I’m Looking For Healthcare Workflow & Workflow Tech Stories at #HIMSS16: What’s Yours?

Every year, at the HIMSS conference, I’m a sharp-eyed HIMSS Social Media Ambassador hawk, scanning the exhibit floor for tasty morsels of workflow and workflow technology… I think that’s about as far as I’ll take this particular metaphor… 🙂

For over two decades I’ve been tracking diffusion of process-aware information systems, such as workflow management systems and business process management, into healthcare and health IT. At the 2000 HIMSS conference in Dallas I gave the first presentation about a workflow management system-based EHR. In 2010 I presented Process-aware EHR BPM Systems: Two Prototypes and a Conceptual Framework. Most recently I published three (3!) five-part series: BPM-based Population Health Management & Care Coordination: Workflow, Usability, Safety & Interoperability, Achieving Task and Workflow Interoperability in Healthcare, and Pragmatic interoperability: Interoperability’s Missing Workflow Layer.

Every year, as a HIMSS SMA, I tweet incessantly about healthcare workflow and workflow technology. Starting in 2011, I searched for workflow and workflow technology on every HIMSS conference exhibitor website. Beginning at a pitiful two percent, but then doubling every year to last years impressive 33 percent plus, I’m finally seeing the surge I’ve been predicting for many years. I can’t wait to find and tell great healthcare workflow and workflow technology stories.

What’s yours?

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