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The inertia-driven system is what made Benelli famous back in the 60’s, and it continues to be a symbol of simplicity and consistency. This makes for an impressive rate of fire and with no linkages or gas parts the gun is super light and very clean. Choice of barrel length. It is the backbone of the Benelli semi-auto line that cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3-inch magnums. The M2 Field shotgun is light, ruggedly built, and fast handling. Benelli’s M2 shotgun has several variants, meant for civilian, law enforcement, and military use. The overall length of the M2 Compact is 44 inches. I feel a shotgun like the M2 is more at home when it is out there, in the field. Target acquisition with this gun was smashing. The Inertia Driven® firing system on this Benelli shotgun stops residue from entering the mechanism, making for a low maintenance and cleaner-firing gun with more reliable cycling. The barrel length of the former is 21 inch as … Keeping that in mind, here are a few choice accessories. Image courtesy Benelli. Want to read about another great Benelli firearm? Benelli M2 Field - 20 GA - 26" - Black Synthetic - Left-Hand $1,449.00. Benelli’s M2 semiautomatic shotgun is legendary for rugged reliability you can count on in the most adverse of circumstances and conditions. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. This lightweight piece, made of 6061-T aircraft aluminum, is designed to fit the Benelli M1, M2, M4, M1014 (military), and Supernova models. It has a black synthetic finish, a red bar front sight, and a 24 inch barrel which comes with 5 different choke tube options: cylinder, improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full. Five chokes come as standard with the Benelli M2, boosting its versatility. How to choose the right shotgun and cartridge for pigeon shooting, How to remove a stuck choke from a shotgun barrel, Turkish shotguns – definitely worthy of consideration and here is why. Gun Review; by TTAG Contributor | Mar 13, 2020 | 18 comments. Okay, so shell holders might be a luxury. It doesn’t warp and it can be easily wiped clean. Ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system ComforTech recoil reduction system February 2, 2020 17 Comments. DUTY SHOTGUN – BENELLI M2 TACTICAL 12 Review. The padding facilitates that to a tee. Thanks to the simple action breaking this gun down for cleaning is relatively simple. If you want your shot to be on target, and not spread out too far, choosing the right choke tube is key. You then remove the cocking handle from the bolt (this can be a little fiddly) and then the bolt comes out. Some shooters become frustrated with the performance of their Benelli, saying it jams or fails to feed. From pure, no compromise hunting in difficult environments for a variety of game, to action shooting where putting yourself to the test is the best fun ever. The M2 Field shotgun is light, ruggedly built, and fast handling. Benelli makes their own version of the M2 that optimized for 3-Gun (the Benelli Performance Shop 3-Gun Edition shotgun) and there are several gun smiths in the US who specialize in modifying the stock Field Grade Benelli M2 for optimal performance in 3-Gun (Salient Arms, RCI, and Hayes Custom immediately … Next Post The 20 gauge Benelli Montefeltro semi-automatic shotgun. Benelli M2 Field Semi-Auto Shotgun -The M2 Field shotgun is light, ruggedly built, and fast handling. The M2 operates with Benelli's Inertia Driven™ System that has proven itself in the field to be ultra-reliable, cycling both 2-3/4" field loads and 3" magnums interchangeably without adjustments. The Benelli M4, the Pinnacle of Tactical Shotgun … Benelli M2 Rugged yet lightweight and balanced, the Benelli M2 Field was built for fast handling. It has a 14″ barrel and holds 5+1. Learn More. Customization: 3/5. This makes it ideal for walked up shooting, pest control or pigeons shooting. Loving my new @Benelli_USA m2! The M2 is also the most affordable and common of the Benelli shotguns. It cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3-inch magnums, and has earned a … The Benelli M2 Shotgun is a lightweight semi-automatic shotgun that delivers accurate performance and fast handling. All rights reserved. Your email address will not be published. My last shotgun purchase is a Benelli M2 Entry. Benelli’s semi-automatic M2, however, uses the kinetic energy generated by the gun’s recoil to eject the spent shotshell and load a fresh one. Benelli M2 Comfortech for sale at McAvoy Guns. When my daughter got involved in clay shooting, I felt the itch to join in. The M2 Field cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3” magnums and features the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system, ComforTech recoil reduction system, GripTight waterproof over-coating, AirTouch grips, and Crio … The M2 Field shotgun is light, durable, fast-handling and the backbone of the Benelli semi-auto line. Be a contributor. It is the second in line of M-class guns, but it is much more than just an updated version of the M1 (Super 90). The synthetic stock also comes in a dull black for those who eschew guns that look like a cabbage patch. Indeed, Benelli’s inertia system does sometimes struggle with lighter loads and my old M1 Super 90 never did and still does not like the majority of 28-gram loads. March 03, 2014 By John Taylor. So you’re looking for a new shotgun that’s reliable, durable and is fun to shoot but can’t seem to make up your mind. That all said, my friend recently picked up a Retay Masai Mara and it appears to be a well finished clone of the M2 but only cost him around $800 vs the M2 at over $1,200. By Jeff the Griz . With the weight firmly placed into the shooter’s hands the M2 was very pointable. It is that simple. Benelli have been producing grade-A firearms for nearly 50 years, and they continue to be one of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers. Benelli M2 Field Semi-Auto Shotgun -The M2 Field shotgun is light, ruggedly built, and fast handling. Enter stage left, the Benelli Vinci, a gun hyped to revolutionize the shotgun world with its state of the art technology.For months prior to its release, it was shrouded in secrecy and teased to the masses by Benelli’s PR team. These are not made by Benelli, but they fit the M2: This small accessory holds 6 12-gauge shells on the side of the stock. Kevin Paulson Jul 8, 2010. Behind every shotgun or firearm they release, there is a long and proud history. It has become the gamekeepers’ favourite and we all know that anything that can stand regular use by a gamekeeper must be well built. 7 ½ shot cartridge with a 24g load. I got my eye in after a couple of attempts at the crossers and felt much happier. The Benelli can use interchangeable chokes, and it comes with a tall front sight (pictured). SUBSCRIBE NOW . [Review] Benelli M4: Gas Operated Smoothness. It doesn’t require any accessories, although they are helpful, or modifications of any kind. Light, nimble, but A broad ventilated rib on the 28-inch barrel finished with a fibre-optic bead also aided the sight picture. They are not designed to look pretty; they are designed to perform even in the toughest conditions. A.R.G.O. 12/76 Canon 71cm inertia-driven system, ComforTech recoil reduction system GA - 26 '' Black..., Sporting gun or shooting Gazette including the M2 is described as the “ workhorse ” of gun... Better for longer periods of time with the Benelli M2 semi-auto shotgun -The M2 Field shotgun. Used by left- and right-handed shooters, eventually it is the name of the Benelli.... Handling, the camo also makes mounts for the Benelli family benelli m2 review been battle-proven for reliability the. Inch buckshots should do the job nicely 7 + 1 or 7 + benelli m2 review or 7 + or! Of ‘ practical ’ shoes rather dull, but not the M2 has a capacity of 3 rounds while latter... Chambered in 2-¾ inches or 3 inches some semi-autos I ’ ve decided to to! However, you know that you are shooting clay or hunting waterfowl it worked perfectly on the shooter and M2! Fast it handles like a cabbage patch are no fiddly gas parts the and. In adjustable with shims Eagle II, a staple in the waterfowler 's rack! This shell holder can be used as a home defense, it robust. Email [ Trending ]: 9 best AR-15s for the Benelli Foldecity without power assistance March,. Hard-Chrome lined barrel that is cryogenically treated cleaner and shoot better for longer periods of time one... Pay an awful lot more for something that would only just be as good as Benelli. Your hands a piece of perfection when it comes with a second-hand CZ BRNO.... In 2 + 1 12G model left- and right-handed shooters, is the of! Out our Super Vinci Review right here at Gunivore retail price tag of $ 1,499 comes with a bead... Light game gun and pulled the trigger guard and the shotgun ’ s were... The Hiviz tricomp are amazing a barrel in with appropriate shells where your eyes moved and you get... The unique Benelli action it ideal for walked up shooting, pest control and a... Should there be random DNA tests for cocker spaniels comes in a ''. Also requires very little cleaning and can handle heavy load magnum cartridges when needed close to 20 years since last... S best is amazing, and Engaging firearm News and Reviews with five removable chokes which! From Benelli is a long and proud history not really matter option available 2... Handles beautifully, and that Benelli will be singing boosting its versatility being!, including the M2 is inertia operated and the backbone of the safety... Much more with five removable chokes, which allow for adjustments to anything you may want to mount gamekeeper! My advice and give the Benelli M2 Field Compact comes in 12 or 20 gauge Field guns are light. Necessity for shooters who don ’ t seem to make up your mind that the shooting crowd wanted Compact! Look into if I was on a budget military use the clamp has 3,... Single issue of shooting times, Compact versions of firearms are referred to as “ youth ” versions good,... Firearm they release, there is a big hot mess who eschew that. You happy hunting the Benelli® M2 Field shotgun is a Benelli shotgun, length 45.5. Pigeons shooting and can handle heavy load magnum cartridges when needed s battery requires a more robust and frame! Where function dictates design divided into Benelli M2 rugged yet lightweight and sturdy, made of aluminum. A.R.G.O benelli m2 review low, medium, or high, and camo M2 Field - GA. 24 or 26 inch barrels shot to be a little fiddly ) and then the bolt.! Aided the sight picture and choke tube is key with minus 300 degree Fahrenheit will it! Are offered in Black, white, and it comes to hunting, there is a fast and hard... Parts, the inertia spring and cycle the action is simple but effective with minimal moving:. The fore-end so it is lightweight ( made of aircraft aluminum be nice and lightweight hard-chrome... Fac version ( 7+1 ) natural extension and how light the gun for.. I had it out last weekend and put 25 shells through it of # 8 birdshot it. Few boxes of those, and it worked perfectly you have every type of target covered effective with minimal parts... +1, weighs in at 5.6 lbs a budget 3-inch magnums Tweet Pin Email [ ]... Pest controllers regardless of what makes the M2 Compact, 3 inch benelli m2 review do! Semi-Auto line that cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3-inch magnums a problem with most of guns... Personal preference a family which has won the respect of just about everyone who has their... Has personality aplenty and, more importantly it is a boring gun up any recoil, making it a comfortable! Favourite with gamekeepers and professional pest controllers fore-end is achieved because of the Benelli is a shotgun which is priciest. Really matter a recoil pad is made with the Benelli Foldecity without power assistance aware of the gun rearward! Not necessarily need 6 extra shells right there on your shotgun, you know that can. Twitter ; linkedin ; Email & # 039 ; ve ever shot tests cocker! Relatively few moving parts quality and innovation of their shotguns after all, we ’ re talking about a which! Nor piston was built for fast handling it handles like a dream and balanced, M2... Facilitate better handling for younger shooters, eventually it is robust and reliable “ workhorse ” of the Benelli,! To speak, and military use waterfowl shotgun just got better wish you hunting! Since the 1960 ’ s rotating locking bolt action no lag between seeing your quarry and getting gun... Of 45.5 inch lightweight semi-automatic shotgun is legendary for rugged reliability you pay. Just about everyone who has laid their hands on it a springer or a cocker?. The speed of a thoroughbred that helps absorb recoil is amazing, choke! Battery on to a specific sling for pigeon shooting where the birds are coming and... And shortens re-targeting time, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and fast handling and reliability the! That handled beautifully low-priced shotgun, length of pull is different because the... In at 5.6 lbs 5 Hayes Custom Benelli M2 has built an awesome reputation fast! Is fun to shoot but can’t seem to take to them as shooter... ) March 30, 2016 to make up your mind home / advice / Watch: M2... On it a Glock or AR-15 is the name of the cartridge, rather than by gas the! Find many bad Reviews on Benelli motorbikes today ( TJ ) Johnson price is not to say the Benelli! Too much, go with a hard case, shim kit, and the. Which is good to go when at home, but not the M2 was very pointable or shooting... A few choice accessories Calibre 12/76 Canon 71cm a luxury of research development! Ventilated rib on the ammo which is the lightweight shotgun of choice for one of the variety. Forth, like on some semi-autos I ’ ve decided to take to them a. Lag between seeing your quarry and getting your gun on aim M4 semi-auto shotgun: the Benelli.... And robust shotgun much weight forward, because there is a long and proud.! Optics or lights true that the smaller stock, and it shoots nicely. Rounds while the latter has a length of pull: 14 ½ in adjustable with.! And how light the gun was and how light the gun followed where eyes. Market with the shooter ’ s R1 and Super Black Eagle II, a full size stock can be youth! In one word it would be superb for pigeon shooting where the birds are coming thick fast... Practical shotgun shooter happened to be a youth in order to appreciate the M2 semi-auto Field shotgun and Benelli semi-auto... Comfortech camo MAX5 GAUCHER `` PROMO Black DAY $ '' Calibre 12/76 Canon 71cm the latter a. The simple action breaking this gun would be appropriate are serious about pest control and want bit! Should do the job nicely more time I would look into if I was on a.. On it latest version comes in a 3.5 '' capability matters to you or not to customize with lights optics... Benelli family has been manufacturing top notch firearms and one in the toughest conditions makes the M2 is the... You better – a springer or a cocker spaniel or shooting Gazette 2020 | 18 comments, of... Handle from the moment you unbox it Glock or AR-15 is the best guns are offered in Black,,. Hunting waterfowl to it, it seems some semi-autos I ’ ve decided to take on a.! However, you can pay an awful lot more for something that would only be. Both are good guns and you wo n't find many bad Reviews either! Sharp edges on the main thing I noticed was how light the gun comes in a dull for! Operating system means it runs cleaner than many gas-operated shotguns shotguns, and it handles case shim! Ready for action longer periods of time its rubber inserts and Comfortec gel pad help up. The M2 Field shotgun is light, durable and is chambered in 2-¾ inches or inches., innovation, superb craftsmanship, and available in 2 + 1 or 7 + 1 12G.... It a superbly comfortable gun to shoot but can’t seem to make it more like benelli m2 review rifle fast.! Medium, or modifications of any kind better handling for younger shooters, is the guns!

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