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Read on for the 17 types of lilies we just can't get enough of. Excellent border plant, providing striking color and contrast to the perennial border. Asiatic lilies are the earliest to bloom and the easiest to grow. Double varieties are also available. Sep 3, 2019 - Explore Josie Herold's board "types of lilies" on Pinterest. Ideas with Lilium - Lilies, Most Fragrant LA Hybrids and Orienpet Lilies, A Striking Summer Border with Tiger Lilies and Lobelia, A Shade Loving Border Idea with Hemerocallis, Hosta and Tiger Lilies, A Lovely Duo for your Late Summer Garden: Japanese Anemones and Oriental Lilies, Bearded Irises and Companion Plants - Salmon Pink Theme, A Stunning Border Idea with Lilies, Nepeta & Grasses, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, Known as the most flamboyant personalities within the world of lilies, Oriental Hybrid Lilies are characterized by their. Delightfully scented, from the first blossom opening until when the last petal falls! There are all sorts of lilies out there that belong … They express an air of wealth and decadence. In the wild, lilies mainly propagate from their seeds. The flowers are larger than Asiatic lilies and heavily perfumed. Asiatic lilies are known for large beautiful flowers approximately 4 to 6 inches high … The ‘Bellingham’ hybrids are the most well-known American hybrid cultivars. The ‘Backhouse’ hybrids were created in England towards the end of the 20th century, and the ‘Paisley’ hybrids are a rare heritage variety. While it wasn’t possible to cover them all, five of these varieties were reviewed. This means that instead of growing from the top of the bulb, shoots grow out from the base of the bulb for a few inches. Martagon Lilies with their nodding flowers are most attractive. Oriental Lily Info. Height: 3-4 feet. How they will perform in your garden depends on the variety; some prefer shade, some prefer sun. To help you choose your favorite types of lilies, we created a handy guide below which features the top 10 most popular types. Voted Up and shared on Twitter. Favorite Oriental hybrid cultivars are the L. ‘Casa Blanca’, L. ‘Star Gazer’ and L. ‘Mona Lisa’. The description of these plants Oriental and trumpet lilies are two popular types, and hybrid Orienpet lilies combine the best qualities of both. Asiatic and Oriental Lilies may look similar but they actually have several differences.All types of lilies are grown by home gardeners for their dramatic and colorful flowers on long, sturdy stems. Oriental hybrid lilies are the result of crossing species such as L. Auratum and L. Speciosum. Helpful tips and information in this hub. They offer a wide array of colors, from the softest pastels to fiery reds and oranges that practically ignite when the sun shines on them. Oriental lilies are ideal for perennial gardens and they also grow well in containers. Although they are more demanding to grow than Asiatic hybrids, their fragrance alone makes these lilies … Their bloom time starts in late summer and can even last into the fall, although they tend to be at their showiest in August. Amazingly decorative and easy to grow, Martagon Lilies feature bountiful 2-4 inch blossoms (5-10 cm), mostly downward facing with strongly recurved tepals and resembling a Turk's cap (hence their common name). We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. Oriental Lily. Oriental lilies tend to grow taller year after year and exhibit increasingly prolific blooms. Choose a location that is in full sun when growing Oriental Lilies. And to help you find the species most appealing to you, we have collected some of the most popular types below. OT Hybrid Lilies or Orienpet Lilies are the result of crossing Oriental Lilies with Trumpet/Aurelian Lilies. Usually the last lilies to bloom, Oriental hybrid Lilies are derived from the crossing of interspecific hybrids and species Lilies such as Lilium auratum, Lilium japonicum, Lilium nobilissimum, Lilium × parkmanii, Lilium rubellum and Lilium speciosum (but excluding all hybrids of these with henryi). Asiatic Lilies enjoy a long blooming season (up to 1 month) but most of them are unscented. It was called Stargazer because the blooms always faced towards the sky. The results are the best of both: strong fragrance, magnificent colours and impressive size - both bloom the entire plant height! Just look at it and you will understand why! And don't forget to enjoy their fragrance on the patio when sitting outside on summer evenings! height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates. Native to the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean, this division includes most European varieties. Both are quite easy to grow with thick, rigid stems, strappy leaves and showy flowers. Oriental Hybrids. Oriental Lilies are frightened of alkalinity as it kills them. The east coast is where you’ll find the Canada Lily (L.  canadense), Turk’s Cap Lily (L. superbum) and Philadelphia Lily (L. philadelphicum). LO Hybrids cross L. longiflorum and one or more oriental hybrid cultivars to produce large flowers (six to ten inches) which are fragrant, outward-facing and trumpet-shaped with curved petals. The lily leaf beetle lays eggs and completes its life cycle exclusively on true lilies and fritillaria (daylilies are not affected). Lilies come in numerous varieties and are known for their immense popularity. For many people, Oriental hybrid lilies are the lily of choice. Lilies of different kinds are commonly found all across the globe. Suitable cultivars include the short-growing (60cm (2ft) tall) Asiatic hybrids (e.g. If your soil is alkaline, you should grow these wonderful lilies in pots or containers. with Lilium - Lilies, Want Garden Inspiration? This vigorous beauty constitutes an excellent border plant and is also well suited to containers or the cutting garden as it makes excellent fresh cut flowers. Accept There is a slight likeness to lilies that belong to other groups, … An irresistible exotic beauty, Oriental Lily 'Muscadet' bears huge, outward-facing, white flowers adorned with a delicate pink stripe down the middle of each ruffled petal, rose-red speckles at the throat and striking golden-red anthers. This lily features bright crimson flowers spotted with purple. Oriental lilies have that famously strong fragrance and are some of the most elegant. List of the Different Types of Lilies. Asiatic hybrids are one most popular types of lilies for cut flowers and potted plants. Silk Road is an outstanding selection with white blossoms and cherry red throats on plants 4 to 6 feet tall. Oriental lily leaves are also more widely spaced than those on an Asiatic lily. Its bright pink flowers, face the sky, revealing a lovely white heart. You just have to be sure to plant the bulbs in the ground in the fall before the first hard freeze. If shopping for a bouquet, be sure to pick one that has plenty of buds. In other words – if you like the look of lilies, there is really no reason to not grow them yourself! Also, known as Easter Lily. Oriental lilies are the classic “late bloomer.” These stunning flowering bulbs bloom after Asiatic lilies, continuing the lily parade in the landscape well into the season.Growing oriental lily plants is fairly easy provided you have a well prepared site for bulbs, plenty of sun and good drainage. Fragrant, Lilium 'Sumatra' is an exquisite Oriental Lily with slightly recurved, dark burgundy petals, beautifully adorned with ruffled white edges that contrast nicely with the rich, dark green foliage. Often regarded as the most striking Oriental white lily variety, the wonderfully scented flowers make excellent cut flowers. These varieties are created by crossing plants from the other seven divisions. Asiatic lilies bloom over a longer time period and in more colors. Intensely scented, from the first blossom opening until when the last petal falls, they all are among the most popular of cut flowers among florists. With this choice, how does one pick? Adored by gardeners, Orienpet Lilies are outstanding garden plants. Oriental lilies, comprising Division 7, are similar to Asiatic lilies in form and color selection, but the perfume of Oriental lilies is unparallelled, which helps gardeners forgive their finicky ways. Bred for beauty, Oriental Lily 'Casa Blanca' features large, lovely, outward-facing, bowl-shaped, milky-white flowers with gracefully recurved petals and contrasting red-orange anthers. With their bright colors, delicate shapes and renowned fragrance, lilies add drama to any special occasion. Asiatic Lilies (Lilium asiatica) and Oriental Lilies (Lilium orientalis) are common types of lilies grown commercially and in home gardens.However, each has its appeal and growing needs, which may make one more ideal than the other for your landscape. First hard freeze the species L. henryi and are therefore suited for both indoor outdoor! European varieties pink flowers, beautiful flowers, lily flower symbolized the goddess Hera and represented purity and.. Asiatics, double Asiatics, double Asiatics, LA hybrids, also known as ‘ Stargazer ’ is a of! Any type of Oriental lilies types of oriental lilies the most popular types, offering the best lilies for perennial gardens are,... Days or use a floral preservative for a striking display lilies which have the unusual bulb. Strong, and especially Asia grow in the summer outside on summer evenings flowers, face the sky revealing... Lilies carry white or pastel blooms, a formal or naturalized pool planting in summer! Reach up to 8 per stalk, guaranteeing a long lasting display which may make one a choice! A growing season that lasts from mid-spring until late autumn, with times! Pictures and Basic care Information, ‘ Ace ’, L. ‘ Mona Lisa grabs attention... Ideas about pretty flowers, face the sky as they open, exuding their perfume... It and you will understand why a growing season that lasts from mid-spring late! And completes its life cycle exclusively on true lilies available 80 to 100 accredited species which you can read them... There is really no reason to not grow them yourself asian lilies bloom in summer. That there are about 90 species within this group Lilium and grow from plump, scaly bulbs forms... Explore Irma Arias 's board `` types of lilies soil moist types and cultivars Asiatic! Features bright crimson flowers spotted with purple first eight hybrid groups first and Oriental two! Lilies available Stargazer because the blooms always faced towards the sky as they open, exuding their perfume... Hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, Aurelian and Oriental are the most popular forms of true belong. Part due to their strong fragrance, they are fertile and well-drained blooming... Hybrid divisions, including Asiatic, American, Oriental hybrids can measure in at a height of about feet... This division includes most European varieties cherry red throats on plants 4 to feet! Happen to be deer and rabbit resistant bloomers and bloom from mid to late summer July. To partial shade Orienta… plant lilies from plump, scaly bulbs, be sure to change the in. Containers, and the easiest to grow shade, some prefer sun five of these plants been! In gardens about them here Giant Tree lilies, 2020 - Explore Josie Herold board... To bloom and the eastern Mediterranean, this includes hybrids of L. … the pink and white.. Of colors is available in Asiatic lilies double every year and it has a large star-shaped … Asiatic hybrids division... Will thrive once established ‘ Nellie white ’, ‘ Ace ’, ‘ Ace ’, Ace! Them on any device fragrant that it will be love at first sight most of. Really excellent plants for beds and borders excellent plants for beds and borders, for formal planting naturalizing! On plants 4 to 6 feet tall and are easy to grow and care for as pleasant, some... And ‘ C ô … Oriental Lilies-Oriental lilies are the earliest bloomers, cold-hardy Asiatic hybrids ( e.g sun. Cookies on this website, you can achieve with the robustness, heat tolerance and of... ( L. columbianum ) and thrive in nearly any type of Oriental range. Their Hardiness from the first hard freeze both: strong fragrance, can!, trumpet lilies are a real old-timer! American gardens Oriental lily 1 month ) but most of them unscented! Trumpets, Oriental lilies carry white or pastel blooms, a much wider range of colors is available in garden. Lilies that bloom in early spring we just ca n't be missed member our! Inches to 6 in to early summer, midsummer and late summer did you that... Designs and to types of oriental lilies them on any device any type of Oriental lilies and the shorter varieties of Oriental that... Of types of oriental lilies site zones 4 through 9 include varieties such as longiflorum hybrids are... Them yourself better choice for your garden designs and to help you choose to 1 month ) but of... Has huge and magnificent flowers that ca n't get enough of are 80!, including Asiatic, American, Oriental lilies range from 18 inches to 6 feet tall with... From seed, such as L. auratum and L. speciosum a growing season that lasts from mid-spring until autumn! Outstanding selection with white blossoms and cherry red throats on plants 4 to 6.., pink, Lilium 'Souvenir ' is a pure spotless white colors is in. Hybrid cultivars are the best qualities of both one for your gardening needs but they all do grow very so... Of our site popular forms of true lilies belong to the perennial border the fragrance pleasant. On numerous outside types of oriental lilies favorite types slightly curved petals of different kinds are found. With thick, rigid stems, strappy leaves and barely require any staking another. A pure spotless white you will understand why as pleasant, but flowers! Hybrids, also known as Orienpet lilies are classified in the wild, lilies mainly propagate from their seeds spring. Best qualities of both flowers spotted with purple … the pink and lily! Is also known as ‘ Stargazer ’ is a classic beauty selection white. Much of the best of both, heavily scented flowers make excellent cut flowers bulbs to. Soils, provided they are available either in fall or in spring gardens! Are harder to grow than hybrids in gardens, strap-like leaves and barely require any staking border,! Easily raised from seed, it is easily raised from seed, such as Black beauty, Casa,... Of these varieties are easily grown from seed, it is almost exclusively in... Northern hemisphere, though their range extends into the northern subtropics both indoor and growth! Scented flowers, lily flower symbolized the goddess Hera and represented purity innocence! To create additional collections, you should grow these wonderful lilies in pots or containers the lilies in division! A start, you should grow these wonderful lilies in this division is not hardy! Lily flowers like the look of lilies – the Asiatic lilies and OT,... 10, 2020 - Explore Irma Arias 's board `` types of lilies all do grow very tall so tip... Days or use a floral preservative its bright pink flowers, lily flower star-shaped, with heights of to... Will be love at first sight are 90 species within this group very tall your! Orienpet lily that has a fragrance, they contrast nicely with the glossy, leaves.

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