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See here for the meaning of male and female Manx Christian names. Billy Beg, Tom Beg, and the Fairies Nowhere could you see such a fine head of cattle as he had; they were the pride of his heart, and they served him well with milk and butter. So at last, when Noah had all the animals safe inside, and he saw the rain beginning to fall, and no sign of her coming in, he said: Well, she was too lazy to spin, but she would be pretending to be working hard when the husband was in the house. Well done, Hom – more power to your elba, man.’ It was a moonlight night and the bay was as smooth as glass as he rowed across. It was on Saint Bartholomew’s Day, 1103, that his last battle was fought. Eaoch woke and shouted for help at the top of his voice, and his cries were so loud that they reached the ears of Kitter and his fellow-huntsmen, ten miles away on the Calf. By the bright moonlight Tom saw the lace ruffle round his neck, the satin of his knee breeches, the silk of his stockings, and the shining buckles on his shoes – the dress of bygone days. It has been foretold that the first blood it shall shed shall be royal blood, and he has sworn that that blood shall be yours.’ I was a fool to send you instead of Sigurd, who would not thus desert me.’ ‘ cried Conchubar, ‘it is from the Druid of Clogher that I come, and he bade me ask thee to make me a sword and a spear and a shield, for only with weapons of thy making can I win the Kingdom of Ulster.’ They did this, and then the great sword Macabuin, made by Loan Maclibuin, was lifted with the greatest care by one of the king’s faithful servants and laid gently on the cook’s neck, but before it could be stopped Eaoch’s head was cut from his body and the adders’ eggs and the cuirn twigs were also cut through – only the toads’ skins saved the king’s leg. Now Chalse had power over the fishes of the sea and the birds of the air as well as over the beasts of the field. Put thy foot on the stone, In a while there was a noise of horses coming up the street – it was awful. ‘Come on, boy. As the Buggane tore down the hill, the woman felt the ground tremble under his feet, and the noise of the waterfall filled her ears. ‘He’s very big an’ powerful,’ says she. Later the island was known as Ellan Sheaynt, the Isle of Peace, or the Holy Island. As he went on his way it was shaking, ‘Where are you going, gander?’ said the bull. My she guin, ayns ennym y Chiarn, ta mee skealley eh ass yn eill, ass ny fehyn, as ass ny craueyn,’ which means in English – I spread this fairy shot in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Ned Quayle. After a time my mother opened the door to see if I was asleep, and when she looked at me, HER EYES WERE LIKE THE PIG’S EYES. ‘The little chicken said it to me.’ Did thou hear anything new?’ ‘ When he saw his enemies’ ships sailing, he would cover the island round with a silver mist so that it could not be seen; and if, in spite of the mist, his enemies came near, he would throw chips into the water and change them into ships. ‘Dost thou see my sharp claws?’ roared the Buggane in a more angry voice than before. Black Thrush, are you coming, are you coming? The island was a happy place, full of sunshine and all pleasant things, and no person there was old or tired or sad. At dawn you may see him rise over Cronk-yn-lrree-Laa, the Hill of the Rising Day. Sophia Morrison was prominent in the Manx Society, an authority on Manx folklore and editor of ‘Mannin’. The stories of the Moddey Dhoo, Fynodderee and the Buggane of St. Trinian’s today seem a part of the fabric of Manx life. ‘What is it you are wantin’ with him?’ He sent him off at once to Peel Castle to challenge King Olaf, or any of his men, to a walking race from Peel to Drontheim. Then he rubbed his eyes a bit and whispered: Glenn: This name means valley. Billy Beg wondered greatly when he saw Tom Beg so straight and strong, and when Tom Beg had rested and refreshed himself he told his story: how he had met the Fairies who came every night to Glen Rushen to drill. ‘ said he. Presently they heard steps, and the rash fellow came back into the room. It is sheltered behind by the high rock which rises above its thatched roof. So they were saying, when the cycles came in, that the Little People had been before them! It is ultimately this which has made Manx Fairy Tales one of the most long-lasting and best-read works of the Island’s literary culture. Kebeg Peg dropped the flax quick, put away her wheel, and crept in fear to bed. Finn could walk on the sea, but the Buggane couldn’ .. and when Finn got off and he couldn’ get more revenge on him, he tore out a tooth and hove it whizzing through the air after Finn. That was the end of the man’s story. They said they would go back with him to the gate, so they all three turned back. He made up his mind to sit in the cow-house all night to see if he could catch the thief. ‘Cease to make war against me and I will yield thee those of the Western Isles that thou canst from the mainland go round in a vessel with a paddle-rudder.’ ‘The speckled hen said it to me.’ ‘”Aw, like enough, like enough,” my Father said, looking at the wheel. ‘Ha, ha, ha,’ laughed the Snipe, and all the birds chuckled; but Jinny Wren got the better of them for all that. Then the leader shouted: Many a day her man would going out early as hungry as a hawk, without a bite or a sup in him. I thought it would catch me; it was close behind me when I ran in at our garden gate, but I was just in time, and I slammed the door upon it. The fringe of her dress of many coloured seaweeds rose and fell with the ebb and flow of the waves. The wool is Himself’s, and the thread is my own, In the end the light would run up the steep brow to the old Keeill, and go out. So they spent their days in pleasuring themselves. But I have used a word which should not be mentioned here – they are never called Fairies by the Manx, but Themselves, or the Little People, or the Little Fellows, or the Little Ones, or some times even the Lil’ Boys. On they come, shrieking and howling in Manx: Colcheragh, Colcheragh, The Fairy of the Glen and the Buggane, ‘Drop that, Hom Beg,’ said a little harsh voice. One day he left a boat over at the farther side of Bay Mooar, and at night he had to go over to fetch it. We went higher and higher up the mountain, and all of a sudden I found myself at the edge of a steep brow and was all but over. Then he carried the shoes on Christmas Day as Magnus bade, treated the messengers with honour and sent them back to Mann with many fine gifts for their king, with whom he made a treaty of peace. His face was ghastly pale and twisted with fear. She was fairly scourged until there came a fine day in the spring, while Hom Beg Bridson, the tailor, was in the house sewing. It was about low tide in the harbour, and there ran a stream of sparkling water out to sea. (1874-1949). Their blood got too hot and they went into each other in downright earnest, to show how they would do with the rascals when they came. I’ll be riding behind one of the men on horseback. ‘Going to Rome, for the world has fallen,’ said the speckled hen. Their fields were covered with stones, so that the cattle died for want of pasture, and their gardens were full of weeds. Dy re Mollyndroat my ennym! He was stretching himself on the meadow, The names are all based on human naming conventions for astronomical bodies or regions, so while your own alien species might use different naming conventions, this generator sticks to the 3 most used types. ‘Quit eh, eisht, quit eh.’ ‘ Quit it, then, quit it,’ whistled Blackbird, flying home and closing the discussion. Ami, Ancamna, Atlantic, Aken, Abia, Aristocat, Anuket, Amunet, Adagio, Atka, Aubrey, Aretha, Axel, Azrael, Ajax, Andesine, Azur, Annona, Aqua, Abby, Ariana, Ace, Andromeda, Amun, Alastir, Astro, Arwen, Altus, Antiope, Axinite, Aengus, Armani, Agrius, Aphrodite, Anubis, Again there was a loud knock and a big hoarse voice was heard which cried: ‘Woman of the house, open for me.’ Then the door burst open and behold ye, what should she see but a great, big ugly beast of a Buggane rushing in mad with rage. A great many years ago a beautiful girl living at Ballaquine was sent to look for the calves, which had gone astray. ‘I am sorry to give anyone trouble,’ said John; ‘I’ll get over the hedge out of the road.’ At dark he would roam over the mountains, and people walking there, when night was drawing on, would hear him crying ‘Hoa, hoa, hoa!’ like the bellow of a goat, in a voice so terrible and strong that the earth, and all who heard it, trembled with fear. He can naver ate bread as hard as that!’ says the Buggane. The beauty of our island pleased his eyes and he chose it for his dwelling-place. The blacksmith gave him hold of the iron sock of the plough which he had with him, and he squeezed it as if it had been a piece of clay, saying: ‘There’s some strong Manxmen in the world yet!’ Did he think Mammy had gone an’ left him then, the chree? So he drew near the window, and then he sees the big Giant inside sitting at a wheel, spinning like the wind, and his hands flying with the thread to and fro, to and fro, like the lightning, and he shouting to the whistling wheel: ‘Spin, wheel, spin faster; and sing, wheel, sing louder!’ Before it lies Bay Mooar, the great bay, held by a chain of mountains purple with ling. secret: Onnee : grace [Annie] Onnor, Onora, Nora (Lat.) When the woman would be out feeding the cows and pigs, he would be hoisting his head up out of the cradle and making faces at the tailor, winking and slicking, and shaking his head, and saying ‘What a lad I am!’ And a law was made that henceforth the widows in the south of the island should get half of their husband’s estate; but the north side women, who stayed at home, were to get only one-third. The child gave a hop, skip, and jump into the cradle. The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish sea between England and Northern Ireland. Kebeg ‘s here!’ S’foddey my reayllagh oo!’. This was the Battle of Santwat, ‘Sand Ford,’ between the north and south Manx. Teeval, Princess of the Ocean 145), records a Rushen fairy story in which a man is named Donagher Lowey. And with that he made himself into the shape of three legs and rolled like a wheel down from the mountain top as fast as the wind. ‘My seven swearings of a curse on it!’ says he. The beast was not there. ‘Set me free, I pray thee.’ And there is proof of the truth of the saying to this day, for while such nasty things do live in England they cannot breathe freely on the blessed soil. No light was there but the dim light of the moon. Ned Quayle’s Story or the Fairy Pig But they soon found their masters. Colcheragh began to think that some one had put an evil eye on his cows, so he swept up some of the dust from the cross four-roads close by, in a shovel, and sprinkled it on their backs. So Manannan made little boats of the sedge, a good number of them, and sailed his boats in the stream. The City Under Sea Never in all my born days did I see such spinning, a thread as fine as a cobweb, and hear such singing as there was going on in the Giant’s house to-night.’ Away they all went, down Slieu Lewaige, fit to break their necks. So Culain began to make the weapons, and Conchubar waited in the island. The great mountain up at Barrule; And as fast as he flung the ball up to her, so fast she flung it down to him again. S’beg fys t’ec yn ven litcheragh He opened it at the picture of a little plant – I can see the plant to this day – and he pointed with his left hand to the picture, and with his right hand he made the sign of the cross on my leg, where the stab went through me, and said: At daybreak he was near the shore and flew unto dry land. In his fort he had a great banqueting hall, where handsome boys made sweet music, and others played games and did great feats of strength. In the morning when we got up we told them what we had seen first thing. ‘You’ll have the chile’s teeth broke in his head, woman. The farmer, who had a good start, ran as he had never run before. ‘Plaze yourself,’ says she, ‘an’ you’ll plaze me; but I must get on with my bakin’.’ A LONG, long time ago, before you and I were born, the birds of the air gathered at Tynwald from all airts of the wind. They took to their heels; all three; and ran till they could run no longer. ‘Bad luck to her laziness,’ he thought; ‘this is coul comfort for a poor man, but I’ll play a trick on her for it.’ Soon people began to whisper that some of the blocks of granite near the palace were like the men who had gone up the mountain and never came back. The Cormorant And the Bat Arieen: This Celtic girl names mean a noble person who keeps the oath. When the night came Ballaleece took a besom and swept the barn floor so clean that not one speck was left on it. IT was many and many a year ago that the heiress of Eary Cushlin Farm had a little child. An Ancient Charm Against the Fairies. That day meat and bread had been given to him at the last town he had passed through. At midnight the barn doors opened wide, sweet music was heard, and in through the open door came a fine company of Little People, in green jackets and red caps, riding fine horses. ‘Who said that to you, little chicken?’ He wore a helmet on his head and carried a red shield with a golden lion upon it; he had in his belt a sword of exceeding sharpness with an ivory hilt inlaid with gold, and a keen javelin in his hand. But as the first rays of the sun rest upon its highest hills, it sinks into the deep, deep sea. Then he heard sweet singing, and when he turned round what should he see but the Mermaid leaning over the boat and smiling pleasantly. Last of all he heard the crow of a cock: And it was given for law ever after that no crew was to be made up of single men only; there was to be at least one married man on board and no man was bound by his hiring to fish in this same south sea, which was called ‘The Sea of Blood’ from that day. He looked over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of the whole Mob Beg behind him, close at his heels, waving their naked arms in the light of the torch each one held up. And he said: Boys, are we goin’ to lose a shot for that bleb? Every branch on the tree, spin overhead. ‘Ate, ate, lash into ye, an’ let’s have no lavins.’ There was a strange stillness throughout the island – no children’s voices were to be heard anywhere. ‘Thou liggey my hraa, here is some wool for thee to spin, and if it is not done a month from this day, I’ll throw thee out on the side of the road. And she cried: It was a grand sight to see the nice little girls in their red petticoats, and white stockings and shoes with silver buckles on, and little bells all tinkling in their hair; and the Lil Men in their white knee breeches, loghtan stockings and spotted carranes. In it there lived the mighty Wizard who had made it for himself by his spells. Spin, wheel, spin; sing, wheel, sing; ‘It is a bad time you have chosen to come this way,’ said the Little Man, who was the king. Early one brave morning in May when the sun had just risen over Cronk-yn-Irree-Laa, he was walking on the strand, wondering to himself how much longer Culain would be making his weapons and thinking it was full time for him to return. That my name is Mollyndroat! The woman ran with all her might, for life or death, and he ran roaring after her: ‘Hoa, hoa, hoa!’ But when she turned down from the mountain he came no further. The north men sailed into Peel and ran their flat-bottomed boats up to Glenfaba Ford, where the south men met them to keep them from landing. ‘Dost thou see my long arms?’ roared the voice. ‘I will never sleep under a sooty rafter nor drink in the chimney corner.’ The Fairy Doctor When he came in for dinner it happened as it had happened for breakfast. They kept a cow and a few sheep, just to give work to the women in the long winter nights, but their living was mostly got by the sea. Manx Tales are 4 totally new unpublished stories written by John Joseph Kaighin (1926-2010), for children of all ages with a liberal lacing of Manx place names, tradition and folklore. None of them could, but at last one big boy said it was Latin and it meant: Then terror seized on the Northmen when they saw the Manx fleet, and they cut their cables, hoisted sails, and cleared away as fast as they could, and Manannan and his island were left in peace. I owe hearty thanks to those from whose lips I have heard them – Messrs. J. R. Moore, William Cashen, Joe Moore, Ned Quayle and others. Old Greyback, the Crow, perched on a rock above him, silent but observant, was eating flitters; and over all, the blue arch of the sky, in which hung motionless a broad-winged eagle. ‘ said the horse. One day, when I was six years old, my mother and my grandmother went up the mountain to make hay and I was left by myself. A Bad Wish Colcheragh ran to the stable, got on a horse, and made chase after his cows. And as for St. Trinian’s Church, there is no name on it from that day till this but Keeill Vrisht – Broken Church, for its roof was never replaced. It seems that he must have lived for hundreds of years, for he foretold a battle that was fought in 1098. And from that very hour the flesh seemed to melt off his bones till he became as ugly and as wizened a child as you would see between the Point of Ayr and the Calf. And oh! Joe Moore’s Story of Finn MacCooilley and the Buggane Up she went on the lout, and flung the ball through the hole, down to him. When the diving bell rested on the ground he looked through its little windows and saw great streets decorated with pillars of crystal glittering like diamonds, and beautiful buildings made of mother-of-pearl, with shells of every colour set in it. The second wife had heard what had passed and had hidden the straw, and turned the bushel upside down so that it would not be seen. So he bound her fast with his girdle. Thou’ll get nothin’ done here, maybe thou would like to go? And with that he took one leap on to the little island and put his horse up the sheer rock. ‘Where’s Himself?’ says he. ‘The bull said it to me.’ Names-Generators.Com is a free to use website for generating names like Manx generator for use in the interest of public. After a moment of uproar Themselves missed the cup and Colcheragh, and with yells of rage they poured out of the hill, after him, in full chase. Then he took down a big book and placed it on the floor beside me. He was a great soothsayer, but he would not foretell what was to happen unless some person asked him. For the dread attack prepare. This is a dreadful big house,’ he said to himself; ‘where did it come from, for all? But next morning it all happened as it had happened before, and himself said to her: However that may be, a while after this they said the sea was surging dreadful, and the men in the boats had to hold to the sides, or it’s out they’d have been thrown. The next minute he fell flop in a bog, with the lapboard between his legs, all alone in the dark. ‘The curlew will be down feeding among the rocks; she will be calling to her young.’ Myself their tribute very small, And she took all the joy in the world of the child that he was back again safe and sound. ‘Yep, yep, yep!’ ‘Ahm goin’ to a big supper to-night. The men had their barley sown, and their potatoes down, and now their boats were rigged and nets stowed on board and they were ready for the harvest of the sea. There the leader sounded his big ram’s horn, and as they went galloping, down to the Dhoon, out came some more of the Lil Fellas from the gill and joined them, and more talking and laughing went on. He was a farmer, and he had poultry on his street, sheep on the mountain, and cattle in the meadow land alongside the river. Then there was a great outcry. He said: The river Neb shall run red from Glen Crew to the sea, Click here to find out more! It happened one winter’s night that there was a great snow-storm. It was the fairy host. At length the Wizard became the terror of the whole island, so that no person would pass within several miles of his palace. But he was very seldom in Mann, and wherever he was he was always doing some mischief, so that his enemies were many. Most of the stories are traditional and have been handed down by word of mouth from father to son. ‘You are wrong, though,’ says he. Little Manannan Son of the Sea, Who blessed our island, These Little People are not the tiny creatures with wings who flutter about in many English Fairy tales, but they are small persons from two to three feet in height, otherwise very like mortals. Kebeg! They slackened off a bit as they got to Folieu and then took their time as far as Ballure’s Bridge, where there was a big lanthorn hanging up in a tree over the old mill. A seagull, standing nearby, inquired: Finn turned round with a roar and a mighty curse: Cresset, noggin, and hardware store, He threw a big white rock after her and it struck her on the heel – the mark of the blood is still on the stone at Cleigh Fainey. WHEN Noah was calling the animals into the Ark, there was one cat who was out mousing and took no notice when he was calling to her. Tiddy Ones, or Tiddy People: Standing before its door and looking to the west, you may see the sun set behind the distant Mourne Mountains. ‘I dreamed that I was back in the lil’ islan’ an’ I was at a house with a thorn-tree at the chimley of it, and if I would dig there I would find a fortune. He also gave this prophecy to old Juan’ the weaver, who asked him for one: At the foot of Barrule there will be a market town, ‘Let the shrine be opened at once. There are many others too, but these are the chief. When Magnus saw them he shouted: But after a time he began to think that something was amiss with the cows. He was exactly like a body with his mind far away. Some said that it took plunge and sank into the bog with the people on it. ‘Then,’ said the king, ‘it will be your duty to take the password. S’lesh hene yn ollan, as lesh my hene y snaie, He knew that she was a Mermaid and that as soon as she awoke she would slip back into the ocean and be lost to him. ‘Aw,’ said he to himself, ‘there’s more than myself afoot on the mountains tonight; I’ll have company.’ Down at the bridge they could see the lights going about like will-o’-the-wisps. Juan was trembling all over, and at first he was blinking his eyes and could see nothing. Then, when they were all beginning to wade through it, she took off the spell, and the water rushed over their heads and swallowed up the six hundred poor lovers. At once she began to call to them: It was the time when Conchubar was at the court of the King of Ulster, and had nothing but the sword in his hand. Where the horse’s hoofs struck the top of the hill there sprang a well of pure water, of which man and horse drank, and it is called the Holy Well of Saint Patrick to this day. For old Mollyndroat will never get it. And so saying, foremost in the battle, he met his death. FAIRY WORDS & THEIR MEANINGS FAIRIES - "The fairies are baking," is said of a sunshine-shower. He was a great Wizard, and he was so powerful that afterwards he was looked on as a god. ‘Pull nearer to the lan,’ said Illiam when he heard it. It’s apiece to go, but thou’ll be right enough with me. He lay on his oars and listened, and he heard a little child wailing over and over again: ‘She lhiannoo beg dyn ennym mee!’ That is, ‘I am a little child without a name!’ ‘It fell on my head, Smereree!’ You’d think there were a hundred there; But she was only a middling poor baker, one of the sort that has to use a knife to make the cake of a right round. When Patrick looked about him the mist was lifting, and he saw a great host of warriors round Manannan’s Faery Mound, with the first rays of the rising sun shining on their spears. He spends his time drinking and smoking. ‘Aw, I’ll do that for thee, an’ welcome,’ said the tailor.

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