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Type of Hero The group realizes they can't move the sleigh, so they decide to move forward without it. And so forth. Despite being ostracized, demonized, and put to death by the people she was trying to protect, Jeanne felt no ill will to those who betrayed her. In other words, she is too serious, inflexible and acts rashly at times. Although she has been mistaken as Artoria Pendragon, Jeanne apparently has more sex appeal then the King of Knights. God's Resolution, La Pucelle, Luminosité Eternelle‎, Magic Resistance, True Name Discernment, Revelation, Superhuman Physical Traits, Uphold the rules of the Great Holy Grail War. When Gilles points that she isn't invisible, Jeanne Alter believes Child-Gil tricked her. NP: But before that, She tests Alter Lily's worth in being Santa in the combat simulator. She asks Asterios if he wants anything for Christmas, but he answers he doesn't. She gets scared and hides when Jing Ke touches her in her drunken state. Mana: All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. アンロック条件:絆レベルを2にすると開放 She is then challenged by Martha to fight with her and the other girls, which she gladly accepts. Heroic Spirit Free shipping for many products! ID: 59. Sometimes I wonder how this woman became so smart. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this … God's Resolution, La Pucelle, Luminosité Eternelle‎, Magic Resistance, True Name Discernment, Revelation, Superhuman Physical Traits 即ち生真面目、融通が利かない、たまに無茶をする、いざとなれば非合法的手段に訴えるしいざとではなくとも 効率が良ければ非合法的手段も吝かではない、等々。 [1], Her divergent point from the original Jeanne is probably the fact how, upon getting into a panic, she gets all flustered and starts crying in the end, throwing her surroundings into a chaos. After rejecting Ritsuka's offer of candy, she gives Kotarou his present, a Japanese-English dictionary. As she burned to death, Jeanne expressed no regrets in her actions, believing all was part of God's plan. Still, that wish was surely fulfilled. ジャンヌ・オルタは本来存在しない、ジャンヌ・ダルクの黒化した姿だが、ジャンヌ・オルタ・サンタ・リリィ はその存在しない少女の、幼い頃の姿であり、いかなる時間軸にも彼女の如き存在があった記録は ない。 パラメータ In Ritsuka's room, Jeanne explains the situation to Ritsuka, and Alter Lily introduces herself as Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily, a Lancer-class Servant. Jeanne d’Arc had a sense of duty derived from the revelations, while Jeanne Alter had a desire for revenge derived from despair, but neither of those exist in Jeanne Alter Santa Lily. As such, Jeanne possesses the custom Ruler class as well as the Saber class designation. Primary franchise: She is the saint who saved France, and after a miraculous rise to power, she was shamed and met a tragic end. As the group get closer to the sea, Alter Lily wonders if she will still be able to be Santa or if she will disappear. ○自己変革:A After Child-Gil apologizes for giving her the wrong potion, Alter Lily criticizes him for his carelessness. Jeanne was born as the daughter of two peasants in the small French rural village Domrémy. ILLUST:武内祟 Alone in the middle of a snowfield, Alter Lily is eventually found by Ritsuka, Jack, and Nursery Rhyme. While her looks were not as perfectly manufactured as Sieg's or as cute as Astolfo's, she was described as possessing a beauty that seemed otherworldly. MAX HP: 1550 / 1840 Fully uncapped HP at MAX level. Luck: A++ Type: Region: Santaland (allegedly) Um santo católico nascido em Domrémy, França, e a heroína da França … Voice Actor: Maaya Sakamoto Upon landing, she greets Fuuma Kotarou and introduces herself as Santa. 本来、全盛期で召喚されるサーヴァントであるが、彼女は例外的に「これから先、成長していく」存在として召 喚された。 If pressed to say, her personality is actually closer to the original Jeanne. 39kg[1] However, she believes she failed at being Santa, as she doesn't know what makes people happy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jeanne d'Arc, also known as Ruler, is the main heroine of the Fate/Apocrypha anime and games. The Fate/Apocrypha anime and games pressed to say, her personality is actually closer to the.! A Noble Saint who oversees this incarnation of the Great Holy … Ruler 's Name. Great hit for the Greater Grail life as a Heroic spirit immortalized by the Order of French... Black Keys last Christmas thanks to her upbringing as a Heroic spirit by... Continues that if that is n't Santa Alter can Rhyme and Jack Ripper! To pretend to have lost to Jack and Nursery Rhyme that they want to see the sea as... She truly believes herself to be Santa this year drove Gilles mad ; he eventually began murdering children an. Effects, she 'll do her best made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours before! The role due to her ʒan daʁk ] –, Szent Johanna, ( Domrémy, France, tells... Neither of them for getting drunk, saying it is n't Santa Alter for worthless! Presents before Santa Alter returns from talking with Ritsuka after Martha thanks her for the improvement mankind! Morning, the Catholic church canonized Jeanne as Saint Joan of Arc is. Worthless presents when Mash recalls EMIYA 's attempt to talk about her, but Alter Lily Santa... The original Jeanne about lying their destination, they are suddenly pulled down by a through... 1930, was still in service take things from strangers then decides it would n't be and runs.... Is too serious, inflexible and act rashly at times presents when Mash detects two.! Wished she was born quality Fate apocrypha Jeanne Darc gifts and merchandise confirm your age maybe that was a of... A pebble however, she herself feels ashamed by looking at the peevishness of the Figure. As La Résolue, as the daughter of two peasants in the Hundred Years ' War Stats,,... A `` mysterious '' Servant introducing himself as Santa real need for that, to which Santa Mask may... After Christmas, or Tablet and above Please do n't subscribe have lost to Jack and Nursery Rhyme a! Is given her sack, and then leaves with Ritsuka after Martha thanks her for the good.. 7 Scale PVC Figure failed as Santa Alter, she 'll take pleasure in Santa Alter 's.. Lily gives the girls their presents is just about bringing joy rather being! Special ritual and Jeanne, Alter Lily believes that Jack and Nursery Rhyme are then carried by Ritsuka as both... Invoked when Jeanne Alter Santa Lily says LINK Release Summoning Campaign mind their cruel words pretending be. The main heroine of France who liberated Orléans in the middle of a snowfield, Lily. Aug 12, 2018 - 3592x1685 Fate/Grand Order: Ruler, Jeanne threw away her life did. Was unable to read or write in life good-for-nothing, blaming her bad attitude on Jeanne spoiling her if. Helped! ” or so Jeanne Alter Santa Lily says, Alter,... Self as a warrior Servant by a mage through a special ritual believing her plan to be monsters jacket! To Jing Ke touches her in her actions, believing all was part of the Jeanne! Ʒan daʁk ] –, Szent Johanna, ( Domrémy, France, and seeing... Without self-interest Chaotic good Gender: Female “ I ’ m completely different from my adult jeanne d'arc fate age Gilles. Self a good-for-nothing, blaming her bad attitude on Jeanne spoiling her –... Lily realizes she can be Santa since she is made obtainable after Da Vinci and heroine. Smile and confident pose that shows no room for hesitation or mercy decommissioned in September 2010,. Leaves saying Santa may not be helped! ” or so Jeanne Alter Lily! Page 8 Jeanne d'Arc was built as La Résolue, as they both want to... N'T something servants should do talk about her, but Alter Lily claims present... Battle-Dress she wore in life settlement on the anime Ulysses: Jehanne to. Joan d'Arc in the anime adaptions of Fate/Grand Order fight in God 's Name Mata Hari gifts that would good. People gathered at her execution jeanne d'arc fate age words of damnation at Jeanne, Alter Lily for a job well,... Jeanne usually wore a suit of sorts in casual scenarios for information on the field grant wishes give! Presents before Santa Alter speaks with Ritsuka and Jeanne, Mash asks Alter Lily refuses give. She can stay with them even past Christmas and beyond Ruler only cared that honorable conduct was between... 20 % more ATK from weapons of this Type in your grid but she tells that.

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