how long does wedding fruit cake last

So, while you may be able to save that fruitcake forever, you should probably eat it now. … How long do you need? That’s something that’s new now because at one time, everybody had fruitcakes. And I find that interesting because I can’t think what year it was, but they did the wedding cake as the final. Perfect haha, that's what I figured but I haven't been to a wedding that actually had a cake in a long time (last wedding I went to was just cupcakes) so I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something Yay so we'll have an extra 15 mins of party time! Cake with fresh fruit lasts for--1-2 Days: 2-4 Months: Cake with whipped cream lasts for--1-2 Days--Fruit Cake lasts for--3-25 Years*-- And when proteins are exposed to air, they can become oxidized, which can create rancid flavors and odors,” Chapman explains. I grew up eating homemade bake goods. I know my family wouldn’t stop at one cupcake. I kept it there for 3 years years, in the manufacturer’s original package. With a naked cake, because the cake is virtually naked. But sometimes like the one you’re looking at there in the middle, I do a dummy if somebody has asked for something specifically that I haven’t done before. I got it from my grandma November 1953 over 61 years old. Did you k,,,, Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Trends! I am selling them on a local FB Marketplace site and you wouldn’t believe the ignorant comments I keep getting from people who I now assume are either Millenials or from the new throw away generation. Listen to Terry on the Wedding Espresso Awesome DIY Wedding Planning Podcast…, Terry Hatfield from Terrific Cakes Yeah I’ve heard of wedding cakes down south costing £1000 – £2000. To everyone’s surprise, it had apparently fermented and the alcohol content gave it a slightly different flavor. There’s a lot of people out there doing them. When you are ready, take out unwrap and decorate. Tanya: [00:02:29] Well I’m always interested in how long… What’s the best sort of lead time for you really Terry, you know, if somebody comes in and wants something particular. You get more cake in it, and better value and something that looks a lot better, because again, with cupcakes, the problem we’ve got is that the bun cases come away if you leave them too long. I am going to brush the cakeboards with vodka to sterile them and then place each cake on a cakeboard. As expected, it was quite dry, BUT we did not suffer any ill effects. So normally you’d get 10 percent discount if you book a wedding cake from this, from me, you get 20 percent discount. Nobody seems to like fruitcakes so I get to enjoy all the unwanted gifts of Christmas. I think it was caused by: I would like to spend an afternoon making a big batch of boiled fruitcake so I can give it away as holiday gifts. I mean the thing is it’s a hell of a big difference between what we charge up here to what you pay down south. A 90 year old widow offered my wife and me a taste of her wedding cake. Could fruitcakes really last longer? It’s hilarious to think about, they’re so much more work than we realise. Tanya: [00:07:54] But as you say brides will not think about the practicalities of it being sitting out all day. I have them stored in my pantry. Me being brought up on them mom from England and me being born there. Also my grandmothers and great aunt made homemade bake goods at Christmas and Fruit Salad. I mean there’s a lot of training that goes into it. [Note: not all fruitcakes are made this way, see the safety note below.]. They’re not something that you can do in five minutes. How many hours in the oven, l had made one at 1hour 30 minutes and it got rotten on the 4 th day and is there anything like roasting sugar and adding water to it so as to make a rich colour to the fruit cake? The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that fruitcake will last two to three months in the refrigerator without spoiling, and will maintain its quality if stored up to a year in the freezer. We both liked fruitcake, I was late in shopping and Dollar General was close. Me, Too! very, very big cake. And you say £1.50 per cupcake. As long as it's properly stored and not visibly spoiled, fruitcake can be safely served one or more years after it's baked. Aand yes, the people who tried it were fruicake afficiandos. How Long Will Wedding Cake Last? She is coming to visit next week and she is bringing it with her. My problem is being able to keep it around….someone’s already slicing off a piece. It was amazing to me it would last that long with no problems. Last week he and I ate the last piece of last years cake! We were married July 7, and wanted to keep the cake, but my wife's parents don't think they stored it properly. The U.S. Department for Agriculture advises fruit cakes can last up to three months in the fridge and up to a year in the freezer. Every year I make a fruitcake even though only my husband, daughter and I like it. It was always a running joke when I was young that my aunt would give fruitcakes out at Christmas. James: [00:15:19] Great! Even though we dowel the cakes, we don’t want to take any risks on anything collapsing like you see on TV. “Low water activity is important because many microorganisms, including foodborne illness-causing bacteria, need moisture in order to reproduce. Robert Lambert, a chef makes AND HAS fresh, 1,2, 3 year old fruit cakes. I am sure they got K Rations for many years after I left. Why would one eat fruitcake in the first place? I intend to place each cake into a lidded cardboard cake box, two weeks before the wedding, so that the fondant can harden. This year’s servings (today, in fact) came from one made in 1992. When we have a big exhibition in the cake decoration industry at Birmingham NEC, which is held at the beginning of November, and there they’ve got a massive competition area and you’ll see some of the most lavish wedding cakes you’ve ever seen. The USDA does not … My wife has been making and selling fruitcakes per her father’s recipe for nearly 50 years. I know weddings are usually booked a long way in advance, but if they not. Fruit cakes (light ones, not Christmas /wedding cakes) may keep for up to 10 days or longer - the more fruit it contains the longer it will keep. Is it safe to store these in a plastic lidded container for 8 weeks whilst I feed them with brandy? I v learnt a lot about friut cakes on this page. She brought it with her when I was posted to Germany. This is also the wedding cake for Candian weddings. How does your wife store her fruit cakes? Any one experience sending fruit cake far away? Did you, "Good communication is just as stimulating as blac, Here's a little freebie from our friends @weddingi, We're on a Francis Ford Coppola mission at the mom, "Downloaded your ebook last night, really inspirin, Not so long ago this is how we spent birthdays! Is fruit bread safe without refrigeration for a month? This was a fruitcake that was about 65 years old. Which they will go into a shopping centre where they’ve got these stalls selling cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream on, and they’ll pay £1.50 and not think about it. Any tips on how to transport would be most welcome. Would it be safe to even try a tin foil wrapped fruit cake in the freezer that my deceased husband made over 21 years ago? Thanks in advance. Will they last a long time also? “But some people wrap their fruitcakes in linen that’s been soaked in rum or other spirits to reduce the chance of mold or yeast problems,” Chapman says. I only do a madeira if i have to cut it like a novelty cake. My family will find out about the fruitcake then, but I am encouraged by what I read on this site. Best practice for thawing is to do so in the wrapping at room temperature, 1-2 hours, or in the refrigerator. You can also put it in the freezer. They’re just the tip of the iceberg and you do get to see a lot of photographs as well, which are put up on my television screen, in order to view the cakes I’ve done in the past. Most of them can’t even spell or read a whole article that I posted on Deep Freezing. The air is going to get at it. I've only done fruit/custard in birthday/party cakes that were served immediately. The lighter fruit cakes can be stored wrapped in plastic and then placed in an air tight container in the fridge for 2 weeks, or frozen for one year. I have cakes dating back to 2015. hi. How long does fruit cake last? For a 3 tier cake. You are awesome! Dumb question. The U.S. Department for Agriculture (USDA) suggests up to 1 month in the pantry, up to 6 months refrigerated and up to a year frozen. But they don’t have fruitcakes anymore now, and this is another problem that we have with wedding cakes, we can’t start doing them in advance. How to Store Your Wedding Cake You get a variety of different flavours now. 17 years old). And so is that fruitcake. So they must be a nightmare too. If you're squirmish about eating food that old or didn't plan that far ahead, a cake aged for six or seven weeks will be more than safe to eat and still delicious. As it turns out, the answer depends on how you define “fruitcake.”, Most fruitcake recipes include dried nuts, dried fruit, and “candied” fruit or peel (meaning the fruit has been both dried and preserved in sugar). Do, WEDDING BREAKFAST INSPO What do you think? You’ve got to do it the day before. You can’t do it days in advance like we can a covered cake. They stay fresh for months/years For example, mold could grow on the surface of a fruitcake, or yeast could cause some of the sugars in the fruitcake to ferment. True, but I grew up eating homemade fruit cake and blackberry jam cake at Christmas. I usually got all the fruitcake tins from my co-workers and would take them home, soak them in sherry and eat them later. In fact, I’ve just been helping a friend actually, I’ve just done a butter cream cake… Nightmare! When I was finished with my tour and sent back to the world the cake didn’t make the trip to well it had a good 1/2 inch of mold on it. “However, rancidity may still be an issue. NEVER STORE IN PLASTIC because if you live where it’s hot, plastic sweats the cake and it goes mouldy. Carly: [00:13:12] But how many weddings can say, well I’ve got 250 people and therefore I need 250 cupcakes. Wow! I been wanting a fruit cake for a few years. Does anyone have one? And I do have other ones, I have up on my shelves up at the top there different ones that you can hire out. Anything that we cover the cake with, whether it’s butter cream, or whether it’s sugar paste or royal icing, whatever. But cost wise, they would be ridiculous. However, I expect it will keep very well in the freezer. At here are other secrets, as well, such as the sort of box, how much ingredients are soaked, methods of wrapping and remoisturization with spirits on a regular basis. HTH Catherine My brother had to cancel his visit so I put the fruitcake in the refrigerator. Glace fruits such as cherries and candied peel do not need to be soaked and so can be omitted from the soaking stage and just added when the cake batter is mixed. What we got to eat was WW 2 K rations, dated 1945 to 1947. Once, one was discovered behind the freezer and determined to be at least 2 or 3 years old. James has enjoyed an adventure filled career in the Wedding Industry, filming Weddings for over 10 years. It’s just a little tiny bit of buttercream. I can’t wait to attempt to replicate that divine fruit cake I discovered one day by chance in the cupboard that changed my life. I’m making a round 4 tier rich fruit cake for my son’s wedding, 30cm, 25cm, 20cm and 15cm. The best fruit cakes are matured for at least a month and moistened or ‘fed’ from time to time with alcohol such as sherry, Madeira or brandy. 10, 8,6 cake etc - i'll give it a go and see how I get on with that recipe. Hi there! I mean I teach, so I know how many people are out there doing it. As soon as you notice … Freshly baked fruitcake will keep well for about 6 months in the fridge when properly stored; when refrigerating, cover with foil or plastic wrap or place in a plastic bag to prevent cake from drying out. Carly: [00:15:06] I’d be no use, it would look awful if I did it. Some of the things on them just take weeks to do. This was in 1968. She made several sizes, decorated them nuts and candied fruit and gave them as X-mas. I check on it through the year and pour more brandy over it to keep it moist. People who have friends or family or whoever make a cake, would never think to dowel it. So if there is a nuclear apocalypse I would have something to eat. I've never done a madeira sponge for a wedding cake, I've always done a normal one (if you know what I mean!) Does anyone know how long this can sit at room temperature without spoiling? Every year we open and serve some, then moisten with sherry or brandy and rewrap. But when you look at actually what you’re being charged for, the cost out there is a lot lower, but 20 percent is essentially making it doable for the business that you’re working with. We married in 1974 and I plan on breaking through the almond paste and trying our wedding cake on her birthday in April – she asked me once if I would still love her when she was 64 (ala the Beatles). That means depending on what you’ve got on, you’ve probably got to work through the night. We had it for our 1st wedding anniversary, and then for the birth of our first child. Wow. Im not sure what you put in your fruit cake, but, also if you also add black treacle and dark mollasis soft brown sugar. Has anyone tried vacuum sealing them? I will try it out on a dummy first, before I do the actual cake. If I wanted to send my brother some fruitcake to a country that it would take about 1 month to ship to (cheapest shipping price). And drinking homemade boiled custard, not eggnog, but boiled custard. Terry: [00:07:12] The problem with that is that they wont stand waiting around because there’s nothing there to protect the cake. How much notice would you need. The pound cake was sought after. I mean you could have anything from about half the people having them to somebody having three. was completed and published, referencing over a year's research and filmed interviews with Wedding Suppliers from all over the UK. Tanya: [00:04:28] What about tastings and things like that? But, you know, a lot people don’t realise how much time goes into them and this is where the cost comes in. I have a fruitcake In A round can. Oh no… son and I LOVE them. Otherwise you would know how delicious it really is! Never made the cake yet. That’s a lot of money off a wedding cake. Upon my mothers death, we found a couple fruitcakes that were 10-12 yrs. Well you might as well have had a wedding cake. Oxygen can impact color, flavor and texture. But it’s a federal agency’s job to think of the worst-case scenario. I need a good fruitcake recipe. But I bought the fruit cake mix and some candies cherries a few years ago. In other words, it could make you sick if not kept refrigerated and eaten relatively quickly. Why mine lasts so long is because I soak it in And they have a section for cupcakes. But we don’t have that anymore now. On, MOTIVATION and a bit of a helping hand. She would date the tags, (though not sure why). © Wedding Espresso, 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Depending on the design of your cake. Definitely. I can’t find airtight storage cake tins for the 30cm and 25cm cakes. Yet up here from somebody like myself it’s more like £300 or £400. But when it’s a wedding “oh that’s expensive”, but then how many guests are you having? Terry: [00:10:16] Well this is why businesses go under when they do that, because they don’t think about that. In 2019, his latest book, Life Happens! you must not have an English Heritage!! As you have seen, a cake can last for up to seven days in the fridge while in the freezer it can last for up to several months. It was not moldy or rancid and it was delicious. If you do not want to use alcohol then fresh orange juice is an alternative, though you should leave the fruits in orange juice to soak overnight in the fridge once they have cooled. My wife made our fruit cake for our wedding. It is a dangerous trap to get into. Since this is the season for loved ones to inflict fruitcakes on one another, I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery: will fruitcakes really last forever? Historically, the top tier of the wedding cake was saved to be eaten on the day of your first child's christening, but that tradition began when it was typical for a couple to welcome a child within a year of tying the knot. We were never going to get our kids Christened, so served the it at our 1st anniversary party. I have done cakes into the thousands but you’re talking about big cakes. Did my first sugarcraft course last week the chap there said he had just re-iced a cake that was 8 years old it had been stored with original wedding icing then in a cardboard box in a cool location - he said it tasted FABULOUS! All fields are required. We would mount them onto the glass/acrylic sheets and store them in cardboard cake boxes like that until we need to set up the display. Carly: [00:08:38] My cookery skills leave a lot to be desired. that was over 750 years old. A fruit cake was found in England ( I’m not sure where) My mother-in-law made the fruitcake with LOADS of rum – hopefully it still tastes good. And the one at this side with the crystal centrepiece. A good fruitcake gets its rich dark colour from cooking on a very low heat for around 4 to 5 hours. I vacuum sealed them and put them in the deep freeze and we have been taking one out each year at Christmastime and throughly enjoying this no longer made Treat. Wow! That would be, like with my family there would be 50 of them, but you know, we’d need 600 cupcakes… definitely. We found it unspoiled and absolutely delicious. Such a Novelty to have the product made by the great Original Hostess Bakery. Finally Uncle Les decided to eat the dadburn thing–and pronounced it delicious! I made a cake at 1 hour snd 30 minutes and it got ritten on the 4 th day. What spices should we add to the fruit cake? We're Celebrating because our N, Once Upon a Time there was a Girl and a Boy...born, Here's the awesome Selda and Derek writing some aw, TYING THE KNOT....As you know we're big fans of Ce, MOTIVATION and a bit of a helping hand. I’m advertising that if you book a cake in advance now for next year, then you’ll get a discount and anybody quoting Wedding Espresso will get an extra discount on top of that. Some of the tins dated WAAAAY back. So we don’t want the cake moving and going over. Also I intend to cover the cakes with marzipan and homemade fondant two weeks before the wedding. I still have two left from 2015 and as they age they become increasingly delicious. I have about half or less left. Weducation Helps! Carly: [00:09:53] Yeah and I think actually when people are newly self-employed, it’s one of the things that people forget actually, is that you do have to cost your time accordingly, because you’ll rob your business of any income, because you’ll be working to a point where you can’t do anything else and you won’t be making any money. A lot of stuff that I’d actually never even heard of before, so I’m sure that’s going to surprise quite a few people. I then need to transport them to the wedding venue which is an 8/9 hour drive away. I’d be terrified of what if something does go wrong and you know, you don’t have any leeway at that point if you’re baking it, you know straight away. I know I won’t be opening this cake for a year or so when I meet with my brother. Mine goes in the linen press. Continue adding … And if you saw the amount of work that goes into them, you’d understand why they have to be so expensive. Safety Note: If a fruitcake has a significant amount of moisture (e.g., if it was made with fresh fruit) it is more likely to spoil or to give pathogens enough moisture to reproduce. They do take a long time to make, so they’re things that we have to do in advance. I live near the second largest city in Michigan and a few days before Christmas I went out to buy a fruitcake and came home empty handed! then in Saran wrap and put it in a large Ziploc bag. We kept the top tier of our wedding cake in my mother’s freezer. How long does it last without freezing?. I mean, you have to remember that some of the things on the wedding cakes, particularly things like the handmade flowers on that last cake you looked at. He can often be spotted roaming the countryside, camera in hand, capturing beautiful landscapes from around the globe. And I think that we don’t necessarily give that credit to people who are doing very creative jobs, but actually are putting a lot of time and effort into your wedding. So then people get a better idea of what the cake will look like. It’s also for my benefit, because I like to try out new designs and new things for the cakes. And what you’ve got to remember is that most of these people are not that experienced, and you need to see what you’re getting from the cake maker in the first place. I bake several fruitcakes every year. She stored a few in the pantry for our consumption, wrapped in plastic wrap and foil. Newbie Bride July 2012 Purple Pixie , 31 October 2008 at 18:54 Posted on Off Topic Posts 0 3 Since I wasn’t sure how a homemade one would turn out, I ordered one from Swiss Colony.

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