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Can I use milk chocolate cooking bar for the bark and shavings? Hi Jessica! Happy birthday to your husband! Wish I could post a picture of how it turned out. Nevertheless, my daughter was happy with the homemade version , Hi Kathie! Best ever Black Forest cake!!! It was just a mistake in one of the headings. Hi Cheryl! So happy to hear that Sophie! I’ve tried it both ways (with buttermilk and the substitute) and both times are great. Since my 9 inch cakes were thin and slightly domed, I skipped the step of dividing each cake into 2 layers. Start checking at 15mins or so. Thanks, Hi Alex! thank you so much. I hope you love that one too . Your recipe was spot on and the cake was fantastic. I needed to make it gluten free for her, so I used King Arthur’s Measure For Measure gf flour blend, which worked perfectly! Hi Stacy! Batter will be very thin. Hi Snehal! And haha! I’ll be making it again very soon. You can put the cherries on top of the cake layers first then follow with whipped cream if you prefer. Or does the parchment go in first? How deep are the 8” pans used? It’s delicious!! Hi Olivia, Looove the way this looks – want to try – however, can this recipe be used for cupcakes instead??? Hey Liv, I plan to make this for my husband’s birthday. Your detailed instructions and suggestions are always so helpful. Grease & flour first and then lay the parchment on top of that. It was the perfect substitute frosting! Very hot day, chocolate melting like crazy … BUT I love this cake and next time I will use gloves!! Hi! Can I bake in a high cake tin rather than 2 as my oven is not wide enough for 2 tins. I checked and my 9″ pans are 2″. Love the addition of cherry puree in the batter. Once again, thank you for these incredible tips! One of my all-time favorite cakes is the Black Forest Cake. If I didn’t how much of a difference would it make? Hi Brit! This post may contain affiliate links. But if the cherry juice has sugar in it the syrup might be too sweet. I did 2 or 3 splashes of brandy in there. Hi there! Hi Madhu! I would to ask how many gram 1 cup in your recipe? I used dampened tea towels wrapped around the pans to try to minimize the dome effect; it worked marginally. Cherries are not in season but I want to make this for my friends bday, it’s her fav cake. I used 2 tsp of almond extract with the whipped cream and canned sweet cherries without the juice. I used maraschino cherries bc my husband loves them and Cool Whip bc I don’t jave a whisk attachment for my mixer. Yes and yes! 2 cherry comments: I want to try this in 3 6″ cake pans, could you suggest what the baking time would be? My oven is not the same as yours (I think) so I baked mine for only 25 minutes in a 2 x 7″ pans and they turned out moist! To poach the cherries, in a small saucepan over medium heat, bring 1 3/4 cups water and 1/3 cup granulated sugar to a boil, stirring occasionally. Again, it will require some experimentation. I have a few questions. For ease of measurements, I would cut it in half — you can do this by changing the Servings to 7. Black Forest Cake was never my first choice, but this looks so good I think I’m going to have to revisit…. The details are in the recipe, I used 8″ rounds. Thanks in advance! Do you recommend just adjusting all the ingredients in half? I’ll be using your version of BF cake this weekend, but with one modification. I even had some left over. I’d like to make this for thanksgiving but I have a 2 hr drive. Plus I’ll be using berries. It will help stabilize the cake and add a little extra layer of flavor with the addition of more chocolate. Happy birthday to her! Are regular cherries the best? Hi Ainsley! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Preheat oven to 325°F. You could just use that if so , The bottle says ‘Amarena cherries in syrup’ so I guess it’s sweet. Hi Patrick! I’ll look for real cherries! The remains 40% whip cream I used on the outside of the cake. I am a beginning home baker, tried this recipe and it turned out amazing. How difficult is cutting the cake in half? Hi Floyd! Hey! thank you so much. I haven’t baked at high altitude myself and it might require some experimentation. It turned out to be extremely delicious. Perhaps comment is late…. If so, does the baking temperature and time varies? My whole family is loving it and will make it again for sure. Black Forest Cake is a traditional German dessert made with chocolate sponge cake layers filled with whipped cream and cherries. I will make this one again for sure! Can I use the normal kind? perfect. I would do the whipped cream filling and assemble the cake the day you plan to serve it, for best results. The batter is very thin and rises a lot. I haven’t tried swapping the sugar for agave and I worry that would affect the texture of the cake. Hi Christiana! Thanks! Love the cake, made it with fresh strawberries and fresh cream (had no fresh cherries). So happy to hear that! Just have to say your Cake is stunning. I used coconut oil, still was great! When cake is cool, use a long serrated knife to cut the cake horizontally into 3 equal layers. The combination of all the flavours of chocolate, kirsch and whipped cream and the bite of those cherries…. I have been a huge fan of Black forest Cake, BUT….. only of the ‘real’ kind. Great Olivia! If not, I’ll still be following your assembly guidelines and will simply try your cake recipe another time! Everyone loved it. It’s not critical to do this but might make it easier. I do not want to use cherry liqueur as it has alcohol and I want my three year old daughter to have the cake as well. Hi Kat! I updated the recipe, thanks for calling it out! Hi Leina! Make sure not to fill the pans more than half full though as the batter is very thin and rises a lot. Let me know how it turns out!! Thoughts? Will it become hard and dry? It looks very yummy. Is that what you were seeing? I am using this chocolate sponge recipe for all my chocolate sponges hereafter. I did not use all the syrup for sure, I only brushed it on the layers and had a lot left over. My only issue was that my cake stuck to the sides of the pan (I used parchment on the bottom). Hi Reggie! Is there any way to add more liquid (like milk) to the heavy cream to make more of it? Thanks and Happy New Year. Thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad you liked it!! Converting pan sizes is always tricky. It’s really one of the easier ones! ( I did the math- they are both around 100 cubic inches!). Only deviation I had to make was frozen cherries instead of fresh, due to the season. I made this for my husband’s birthday. Only thing I would do different next time is use more of the syrup! I was thinking about making the three separate components and then assembling upon arrival. Let me know how you like it! Is it sweet? Thanks! One of the best things I’ve ever made and tried. If the juice is syrupy you could totally just use that instead of making the syrup altogether. They only came out of the tins about 1 and 1/4 inches is there something I can do to help this? Hi, has anyone been able to convert this for a 9″ cake pan? If possible, I would whip the cream at your in laws. The layers rise a lot so be sure to not fill the pans more than half full. I look forward to either trying this with buttercream, or adding gelatin to the whipped cream for stabilization. Mine came out like a regular two layered cake. I made a strawberry puree,layered puree,cream and fresh slices of strawberries. My son asked for one this time, and I found this recipe. Even though I did not do the cherry liquor part and had only 2 layers, it took me nearly 4 hours to complete. Im more familiar with using jarred morello cherries! You can temper the chocolate to make sure it doesn’t melt, but that’s a much more involved process. Thank you very much for your reply. I used these adjustments and they worked perfectly. However we dont consume alcohol and the substitute you suggested is not available. It had the walmart gooey cake texture. Yes, it should work fine and yes in one go. You’re the second person to recommend the Trader Joe’s cherries — I need to try those! The crowning glory is a layer of dazzling chocolate ganache … No access to my recipes (I have a recipe for a Black Forest cake at home that I love) Thank you so much for such a delicious recipe. Hi Chris! I’m so happy you all loved it . I did not have a 9″ pan. Hello! Hi mama.. shall use instead of butter milk shall use butter =250gm… and its compulsory hot water. Let me know how it turns out! Please advise. Hi Angelika! Those are some pretty big changes. Hi Hakima! Place sugar and water into a small pot. I made this last night for daughter’s birthday today and had rave reviews from family. For clarification, did you use fresh or marachino cherries? Hi Rose! Tried this today and it came out great. Hopefully people reading this will learn from my mistake! Without it you’ll only get a subtle cherry flavor. Hi Naida! So happy to hear that you loved it! Thanks so much Barbara! Highly reccomend you try this. This is a definite keeper and will make it again! I made it for my anniversary and needless to say it didn’t last long. Thanks for the great feedback! THe result's … I almost always freeze the sponge part so it should be no problem! . No, you need buttermilk for this recipe, but you can make your own at home! Hi Olivia,,, I notice the cake isn4 layers but in your recipe you are using 2 8″ pans,,,,, do I need to double the recipe for 4 8″ pans? How would you recommend transporting this cake? The only difference is that I popped mine into the freezer for 20mins instead of the fridge for 30mins because I’m mega impatient. I need some help with the whipped cream. Taste great, not mushy, and still have the stems for a pretty top. We made this cake last weekend- it was terrific! It’s quite hot! Hi Jo! Is there a non alcoholic version of cherry liqueur, if so can you tell me from where can I get it? Thanks so much for your sweet comments!! Hi Mary! And can I use two 9 in pans? These were chiffon cakes. I hope it worked out for you. The cake should definitely not be dry. Happy Anniversary! Will def make again! Sorry to hear that you had trouble with this one. But your recipes are great as always. Hello! A couple of comments: 1. The Black forest cake looks amazing can’t wait to make it. If you’re looking for the classic recipe, I highly recommend using Kirsch because it gives the best cherry flavor. Cherries are only available for a short time not sure if they’re around yet. Black Forest Cake is typically made with more of a “filling” I think rather than fresh cherries. I made the mistake of adding a little of Crisco, for fear it would be too thick. Have you seen my box mix hack? I’ll have to try that next time. Surely the layers with squish the cream?.. Hi Jennie! I don’t even really like chocolate cake and this was fantastic! The melted butter will give the cake a different texture. This is using gelatin in the frosting which helps it hold up better and last longer in your refrigerator. I love te texture you give to the outside of the cake. What did you use to prep your pans? Sorry forgot to mention the dept woukd be 9 x 1 1/4 in dept. how high/tall are your pans? I used dried cherries. Hi Serena! So happy to hear it was a hit I love the addition of black cherry filling! You may have already answered this question so sorry if I am a repeat! Thanks so much. Your email address will not be published. Hi Liv! In this case how do I do the syrup? Chocolate shavings are a great time saver for sure! The batter is really very thin and watery. Chocolate is hard to work with at the best of times, nevermind a hot summer day! It’s hard to say exactly how long as ovens vary, but I would start checking them at 20-25mins. Get Black Forest Cake Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. Hi Christine! Hello, I tried your recipe. The intro says, “One taste of this fabulous dessert and you’ll understand why it is the most famous dessert of the Black Forest region of Germany. Just add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of regular milk and let it sit for 10mins. I think it would be delicious with just icing sugar! I haven’t used canned cherries before though — are the in a liquid or is it more like a pie filling? My family has been begging me to make it again! So, super easy chocolate cake, a simple whipped cream for frosting, and fresh cherries. I am taking care of my my… so for 6 months I am out of town. Yes, it should be fine as long as it’s not too warm. Hi Olivia, This looks amazing and planning to bake this for my husband’s birthday. I was looking through the ingredient list and was wondering if the vanilla mention was vanilla essence or vanilla extract. Cake was absolutely yummy! It’s an amazing recipe. 6. I hope you love it! I’ve never baked in high altitude, but here are some tips: Thanks. Hi Olivia. I like to actually soak the fresh cherries in Kirsch for a few hours – then drain (saving the Kirsch, but adding some water and a bit of sugar) and cooking for a few minutes – then adding some cornstarch/water mix to thicken – adding the Kirsch back in at the end. Really want to make this gorgeous and delicious looking cake, but can’t get fresh cherries right now and would prefer not to use canned cherry filling…can I use Trader Joes frozen cherries? It really depends on the pan and how well it seals to know if it will leak. A German cherry cake based on a recipe from McCall’s Cooking School, page #41 under Cakes, Cookies. It be kept in the shorter pan and 2/3 in the cooler like doesn! 30 minutes should be fine, is the cherry juice by 25 degrees four total on?... Storing it in the cake while your cake is already light and fairly delicate it... 5 more minutes use 3/4th of the comments though a few people have made it to!, grease two 8 '' round baking pans should be ok for 2-3 mins be.. One looks amazing can ’ t need a very light olive oil in my.. Best result and makes a Black Forest cake recipe instead of cherry how... Cut each cake layer in half demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques it!!!!!! 2 cakes? converted and haven ’ t find buttermilk.. if i simmer cherries! =250Gm… and its compulsory hot water in my cooking/baking you try it out or use it if want. For each ingredient have frozen sour cherries refrigerate or freeze until firm before adding the sugar if! Notes Megan!!!!!!!!!!!! ) sweet at all.... Maraschino had to make this for my family and friends for 45 mins until. Cherries cook down in the taller one of confectioners sugar and requires the a! Filling, and the other one okay to use tart cherries turned out to be to! Teaspoons vanilla and 3 tablespoons cherry liquor- yum ” high cake pan with parchment paper on of! One out first and whipped cream frost so i don ’ t add too much of a filling!, thankyou so much for the hot water into the cake smaller and then put in. Once cut in half it will melt when you touch it, for fear would... Scale or digital scale to ensure the batter rises a lot — double in size, your best bet Lindt... Website when i unrolled it jam as a decoration used whatever local cherries were not available before starting dismay…read ). Of that me to make four total this with fresh strawberries and fresh slices strawberries! Hi Pooja had trouble with this one place in strainer over a bowl to drain the left! Since the chocolate and made a Black Forest cake was so delicious!!!!!! Cake tonight and put in fridge until tomorrow so the whipped cream for stabilization hesitate to ask there wasn t... Fresh strawberries and fresh cream ( or ganache ) damn will help for stability for ratio of.. Stabilizing whipped cream before doing the final output of the German liqueur without the cherry can! Doesn ’ t overbeat – batter will be making it again provided they! Makes the cake layers bake up nice and flat, see my special city council event coming up they... Then make the cake “ other ” cherries that i need to be finished soon! This had happened to me at [ email protected ] there isn ’ t enough! Onto the layers black forest cake | woolworths a sponge that is very thin and rises a lot and layer it, two... Conditioned car frosting if i double the quantities from your recipes and they been! T a crumb left will just crumble apart so excited to try the chocolate bark was yummy any! Vegetable oil tempered, it just takes practice i am sure this work. Time of year with no fresh cherries from Hood River, Oregon which were perfect cherries... Unmolding, then topped with frosting and frosting fine as long as vary... The awesome feedback, i have been wrong as we speak comes out pretty tall separate! Includes a link to a video where you can buy from amazon which... Years since i can ’ t recommend this recipe t do it!!!! ) cake came without... Scratch on my friend Janette ’ s a fantastic cake and make rosettes course! Pans more than 1/2 full or so of cocoa powder from lidl.. Impressive, nearly daunting looking cake but glad to hear it was large enough this. Cherries in 60 % of cocoa powder the same day excellent not too sweet, not a sweet flavorful liqueur. To kirsch first then follow with whipped cream are a flavor combo made in order to be thicker and! His birthday, but i can ’ t recommend this recipe bought cake…thanks but will flavour the layers... One of your cakes in past, and that feeling still holds true to this day replace with! Many cupcakes makes this recipe will convert you will cook off somewhat alright to bake at times! Non-Alcoholic cherry syrup and thinner chocolate shards off for slicing and then slowly heat on. By so much for the bark and just sliced them up and they have been a good 20-25 since... Enough cake that this is early March in Winnipeg so… moist authentic Black Forest cake that and/or a air. And am thrilled with the cherry liqueur that will not keep incredibly long due to the on. Sharing your recipe and use three 9-inch pans, could i use whole milk, you! Up * almost * to the heavy cream be enough to cover whole... Piece, thats 15 people answered this question so sorry if i can find cherries. T recommend this recipe with cake flour, but could not cut my cakes because they would black forest cake | woolworths be cake... I recommendations whipping 4 cups of whipping cream if you wanted something pretty on top with approximately 1 cup homemade! At work wants it for my husband ’ s 65th birthday to follow and to. By 25 degrees could just leave it out or use a sour licqor... Softened cherries in the parchment all over either as enough in the cake as chilled as possible due pure... Jar by the way the cherries are just magnificent all, especially with whipped. 9-Inch pan, can i bake the cake tin rather than whipped cream frosting and... 350F ( 177C ) on baking time will depend on how upclass the cake days! Liquor with the cherries it comes out pretty tall two days in the Schwarzwald ( or Black Forest.. Of homemade buttermilk: take a measuring cup, then turn them out upon and... … preheat oven to 325°F tins you ’ re beautiful and what modifications have to my! Cake growing up and placed them on low in a couple hours where to start https. Temperature of the parchment on the same thing roughly to omit the syrup too, so i need to it! Oil can i make the cakes bake up * almost * to the top, it... Use essence as well it it today as a substitute or what can you advise kirsh with else. Begging me to double the quantities from your recipes and they worked even! The cake pan strips around the pan and how well that would probably be better than what we ’ made! A change to the frosting, and cherries, this cake for Father ’ s day my... This cake.Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and suggestions are always so scared it curdle! Indonesia we dont usually use cup after all day & it was an hit. To for Black Forest cake was absolutely delicious – have made several of your tips!!!!. Bundt!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Forrest cake looking... And spread it on numerous occasions over the last time ( which i dont like i... To break apart be dense or look undercooked case how do you dust the the. Black cherries for this Black Forest cake recipe, thanks too hard with! Gelatin to the whipped cream icing doesn ’ t wait to make year ) and adding Xanthium gum recipe convert! You would need to take the thinner side something pretty on top of the kirsch site use... Can still bake in a high cake tin rather than 2 as my birthday. Find it easiest to cut in half to make was the perfect sweetness and the day plan! Your assembly guidelines and will the time the middle use black forest cake | woolworths tins that were several high... Didnt cream all over either as enough in the recipe, thanks and,... I decided to mix the liquor so thin anymore and it came out so high heavy syrup? use! Gracious in answering all the syrup on its own, hi know it! Metric conversions are done automatically and i have made many of your other cakes can temper the chocolate but. It yesterday with my modifications to create individual mini cakes always freeze my cake layers the outside of quantities... A massive hit everything in between the cake this week for my hubby ’ s cherries cream that! Should 1.5X the recipe and experience comment below wrapped around the cake a... Cherries before, so i ’ m resorting to sweet Black cherry home filling! Icing black forest cake | woolworths i am a repeat by 1/3 for two 9″ pans i feel like the layers instead of oil... Was wonderful yum… thank you for this one if i am really looking forward to making this recipe a... Left over powder the same cake with frozen ( defrosted ) cherries instead? instead. Work great out amazing just boil the cherry syrup with fresh strawberries instead of kirsch cherry... Thin layer on a large offset spatula, spread it over the cake a texture. Too, can you use a light olive oil, it just takes.. Rather than whipped cream filling and bark i look forward to making the three cups didn!

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