Smartbutton Social Media Sightings Before, During, and After #HIMSS18 #BEAM4healthContest!

A.S. (Antescript, the opposite of a postscript…) I think programmable interactive smartbadges, smartbuttons, wearable health IT conference hardware, are the future of conference badge technology! One cool idea will/would for a vendor to give all their representatives a BEAM smartbutton and control their slideshow content from a central marketing situation room. As the conference progresses, topical content could be continually updates, sort of like the daily newspapers at HIMSS18.

In the past I’ve been to several hardware conferences (such as the Open Source Hardware Summit) that gave attendees programmable computers with displays that functional as customizable interactive badges. Around the first of the year I researched programmable conference badges to assess the state of the art. I even started to build my own, out of a Raspberry Pi Zero, battery, and LED display. And then I discovered the BEAM Authentic customizable programmable smartbutton. I tweeted a 2:20 minute video of a slide show I created (about workflow, of course)…

…and @Lygeia suggested we buy a button to give away during HIMSS18 as part of what came to be the #BEAM4healthContest.

Specificially, we looked for patients telling a story about how they used technology to empower themselves. While there eventually were 73 tweets with the #BEAM4healthContest hashtag, there were probably more like a hundred to total, if you count tweets misspelling or omitting the hashtag. The post collects some of the most interesting, including videos of, and graphics for, the BEAM smartbutton.


Oh, the winner of the #BEAM4healthContest? @MedPinkRanger! She create the following animated GIF, telling her story… watch it and let us know what you think she said!

Me? I see a long and winding road. Lots of dead ends, but also lots of persistence. Finally finding the door to a diagnosis. Ending, finally, with a very clever Conway Game of Life explosion! (visual pun?)

PS More recent tweets about BEAM Authentic:

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